Gajar ka halwa.


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Way for preparing

Ingredients required

1.Carrot 2 to 3(depending upon the no of persons)

2.Milk 1/2 liter.

3.cashew nut



6.Cardamom pods or cardamom powder.


1.Wash, peel and grate the carrots

2.Heat the pan or kadhai and put ghee on it.

3.Now fry the carrot until it changes the color.

4.Then put milk and keep on stir it.

5.Make sure while steering the carrot should not touch the base of the pan.

6.after the milk is fully absorbed by the carrot add sugar on it.

7.After 10 minutes add little ghee,fried cashew nut and cardamom powder.

8.You can add dry or fried cashew nut.

9.switch off the gas and serve the carrot halwa by garnishing with some cashew nuts.


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hehehe i was reading it in the forum and i wondered whether it was a story that ended with gajar halwa but then i read it was from the recipe thread.

me and my wifey love this dish. A simple yet delicious dessert.