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A beautiful town named Ganpatipule is situated on the bank of Arabian sea, 25 Kms from Ratnagiri in Konkan region of Maharashtra. We visited this place this Diwali. Its awesome and we are definitely going here repeatedly in our future. It is well connected to Mumbai through road and rail. Railway is the best option (do not dare road trip form Mumbai to Ganpatipule, it is slow, long and tiring). Unfortunately we missed our train to Ratnagiri from Dadar and had to travel in a taxi. Road is through many villages and towns, also work is going on at intermittent locations so it took more than 9hrs to complete 350Km journey from Dadar to Ganpatipule.

Ganpatipule is popular because of Lord Ganpatiji's temple. The idol is said to be 400 yrs old. The temple itself is on beautiful white sand beach. The road leading to Ganpatipule from Ratnagiri railway station is on height and moving parallel to sea shore. It give magnificent view through out last seven-eight kilometers. There are many beautiful beaches around Ganpatipule, there is an ancient fort also but due to lack of time we could not visit it. Beaches are clean having white sand and crystal clear green water. You can enjoy long hours of beach fun without any disturbances as there is no crowd there. Watersports are also available. Many beach facing resorts are available around Ganpatipule. Aare and Warey are two most beautiful beaches about 10Kms from Ganpatipule which one must not miss. We enjoyed our short stay of two days....will plan a longer holiday there...highly recommended for relaxing in peace and natural beauty.