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While on a Boat Ride at Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary, we found this Garganey Duck struggling in the water. Observing closely, we found that it was stuck & wasn’t able to move. Our guide cum boatman, Somnath Nagare, got down to figure out what was wrong with the duck. Lifting the duck, we realised, its feet & wings were badly entangled in an abandoned fishing net. He tried to free the bird, but was unsuccessful. Unfortunately, we did not have any sharp object to cut the rope, so he decided to break the rope with a stone, another unsuccessful attempt.
Finally, he managed to break the rope with his teeth. He checked for any injuries on the bird’s body & finding none, safely placed it on the deck of the boat. Feeling uncomfortable, the bird jumped in the water & to our utter dismay found itself entangled back in the rope. However this time, Somnath managed to get rid of the rope from bird’s body very easily. He then tried to release the bird back in the water but it seems the duck was not able to fly & at the same time was uneasy in the water. Once again we took the bird in our hand. We then placed it on the grassland patch, to give it some time to recover from the shock. After few minutes, the duck was back to where it belonged, in the calm waters of Bhigwan.
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Filmed at Kumbhargaon Bird Sanctuary, Bhigwan, Maharashtra, December 2015.

Movie clip taken with Panasonic DMC FZ70 & Still pictures taken with Nikon D90, Nikkor 18 - 105 mm VR lens.