Gas or Electric Cooking Stove - Slow Cooking


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Have started experimenting with cooking in Earthenware. I am liking the experience. The problem is that it takes too much time compared to that in cooker etc. This also means that I need lot of costly LPG.

I wish to know whether Electric Stove is more economical compared to LPG Stove. If Electric stove is better, pls suggest brand too.



Electric stove takes a longer time to cook food than gas, in earthen ware, if it is actually useable with electric stove, it will take even longer.


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A flat-bottomed earthenware pot on an electric hotplate will work fine. And it will not cost much in terms of the power consumed, if it is slow cooking you're looking at. Slow cookers all use a porcelain crock inside.

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No stove. Just buy slow cooker and as Anup has said it is metal on outside and crock inside. It is electric. I have one and it is good if you have patience. It takes about 4-6 hours depending on setting. However, taste is awesome. Especially dishes containing potatoes, beans etc.