Gesmo Restaurant Fort Road, Leh

^^ You can actually enjoy a donut or two while food is being prepared if very hungry:)

Been there a few times.The "chotu" who "didnt look like he went to school" was actually putting on a fake firangi accent while taking order:D
I also went to Gesmo (very recent trip), the food was good.... yes, service was a little slow even when only we 4 people were seated :) tried 'Big Mayo Tuna Sandwich' which was actually big & tasty as well....the "chotu" with a fake firangi accent was still there, though he didnt look as like a "chotu" as portrayed above, quite tall :) ..... just next door is 'Lamayuru restuarant' which is also quite good.....

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Yup .. I loved this place. It has a German bakery in it and all the food stuff they serve ie really great.
Must visit if you are in Leh
Yes, there is....if you go uphill from Gesmo, take a left around 500m is the 'Pumpernikel German Bakery' on your left....i dont know if this is the original German bakery, but recommended by quite a few of my friends, tried a choco-ball, and choco-brownie cake....was left disappointed though after tasting...