Gift ideas for boss?


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Hi All,

I am due to leave my job next week. I plan to gift something to my manager as a token of appreciation/goodwill. He is a real nice and simple fellow. Please suggest some gift ideas of what could I gift . He is fond of running is what I know..not sure of any other hobbies.

Suresh Babu

Well, truely said. Given this time excellent and bonus very less and perct hike in salary only 5%. bsdk bosses, all work by us and benefits for locals only.


Appraisal period finish, gifts only for boss before appraisal. But as per office ethics gifts more than value Rs 1000 is not acceptable. Invite him with family for dining at star restaurant etc.
I will second to this opinion. It is better to relish him and his family in some star restaurant as token of appreciation and gift one mementos.