Gift ideas for boss?

Pratik Shah

Digital marketing manager at Brush Your Ideas
The “I Am Very Busy Mug” doesn’t mince words. Hopefully, co-workers will heed this mug’s important message. ;-)
There are a lot of gift ideas for a boss. It just depends on you and your boss's choice.
You can gift a wall clock, A good photo frame, Mug, some beauty products, fragrances, any paintings, or anything whatever you feel so.
Don't think that much and go for anything, being your boss he will be happy :)


What if we need to buy a group gift from the whole team? Any ideas? I used to address groupon customer service for help in past. They were great to advice me to choose emotions to gift. So I came across with https://groupon.pissedconsumer.cоm/customer-service.html reviews recently, and thought maybe this would be an option for our chief as well, what do you think?
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