Glimpses of Delhi


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Awesome shots Doc !!! What colours...

Great shots Yogesh... Delhi 6 is always a fav Place for Photography...

pulsurge..thanks for the look and comments.

Abhishek...waiting to see your images from Delhi.....soon!

Devil dj...thanks ! appreciate it!
Adding some more from Delhi 6....
These are from my film days....shot using a nikon F 75 and the el cheapo 70- 300 g
On tha ramparts of Jama Masjid!

The ubiquitous Dr 'Kan'. :)..homegrown ENT surgeon .....the red head gear gives them away.
ENT Doctor.jpg

Two 'ENT" doctors are scouting the crowd for potential patients.

professional rivalry is preventing them from looking at each other.

notice how the earlier patient is holding onto his obvious pain:);):grin:
ent doctor scouting.jpg


such lively pics, pushpinder saab. what a beautiful way to show the life in Delhi 6, I am glued to this thread