Glimpses of Delhi


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thanks koolharry and pushpinder sir
@pushpinder sir: have seen many of ur pics here and you are such an amazing photographer, would love to attend photography meets along wid u and learn the nuances and finer aspects of photography

Yogesh Sarkar

Creative shot Bobby, but somehow doesn't works well on my monitor, as I have to scroll down and till then, it just seems like an out of focus shot. Guess it might work well on a higher resolution monitor or when printed.


Yes, I guess the resolution is a little too much to be uploaded over the internet. :) Since most of the picture is OOF, except for the lad with those colorful balls, it does seem like a completely OOF picture till the time one scrolls down and actually notices the guy. :)

EDIT: Please check now; I have resized the image and uploaded it again. Thanks. :)