Yogesh Sarkar

During my trip to Harsil and Gangotri in February, I stayed at GMVN Tourist Rest House in Harsil. Mainly because it was the only guest house open in Harsil and with GMVN, I expected similar quality level and views as I normally get at HPTDC and KMVN properties.


Harsil GMVN remains open throughout the year, so you can count on it, even at peak winter. Though food availability and variety are fairly limited at that time.

One of the major issue with GMVN Tourist Rest House is that it is located around a couple of hundred meters from the main road. Hence vehicles have to be parked at the parking lot cum taxi stand in Harsil and from there, you have to take the narrow road to reach the guest house. Even though it isn’t a deal breaker for most. However, if you’re looking for a safe parking spot, then Harsil GMVN isn’t for you.

I guess once upon a time, GMVN Harsil must have been a good place to stay. Now even though the rooms are decent and large, they are beginning to show their age and cleanliness isn’t a forte. From stained towel (it was clean otherwise) to some sort of dirt/flora/fauna on the supposedly clean bed to flora particles in water (in the toilet). GMVN seems to have not kept up the maintenance, this place needs, considering it is on a popular Yatra circuit.

Food options were fairly limited in February and even what was prepared, wasn’t all that delicious.


Views from the property are fairly restricted as well. From the backyard, you can see the Bhagirathi. However, apart from that, there isn't anything else that looks good, since it is surrounded from three sides by rest of the village.


On top of everything, we were cheated by Harsil TRH staff, if I go by rates listed on the official website of GMVN (http://www.gmvnl.in/newgmvn/trh.asp?id=33). We payed Rs. 1,650 plus taxes per room in February and as per their website, it should have been Rs. 1,400 plus taxes.

Overall, GMVN Harsil is a safe bet if you’re traveling with your family during off-season, when other hotels are closed. Otherwise, there are plenty of better and cheaper options around.