GMVN Tourist Village Syalsaur

Anup sir, the gate shown in above picture is too tight, when closed. When you lift the lever /latch to open the gate, it suddenly throws up with force. Hence, if you open the gate with loose hands then the hands may get injured by may be pressing in between lever and gate.

The caretaker insisted us to open the door with care as few people got injured while opening the gate. I remember it because shouted from far distance first to stop us and then told us about it. Most of the people who stop there for a cup of tea tends to get excited to see the river aside and starts running towards it.

I hope I made it a little clear now :)
Ha Ha Ha, even I didn't have more words to explain it :grin: ... The bottom line may be if the gate is closed then open it with care unless they have not fixed it.

Sat Koch

It is one of the <b>most beautiful and scenic places</b> in all of Uttarkhand. I have been to Syalsaur three times and would visit the place again. Here are some of the pics of Syalsaur taken by me.



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Thanks Sat Kotch. Beautiful pictures. My sure destination for a family trip.... and perhaps many games of badminton in those lawns.