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Re: Go Goa Gone - Part 2

Due to night out's we woke up at 10.30 am again next morning. The question was to head towards Dudhsagar or not ?

Options to reach Dudhsagar during monsoon are

1) Castle Rock Route - Reach castle rock station and a 14kms hike / trek to Dudhsagar waterfalls.

2) Kulem Route - A 11kms trek / hike to Dudhsagar waterfall.

In order to trek we should have left early morning and check the train timings so we could catch train for return journey. None of us were in mood to trek.
There are 4 * 4 jeeps which take you to Dudhsagar waterfall from Kulem station, but these jeeps don't operate during monsoon. In monsoon there are bikers / pilot who take you on bike as pillion to the waterfalls.

We got ready around 12 o clock, still not sure whether to head towards Dudhsagar or some other place. Finally it was decided to head towards Dudhsagar. Manali was asking me which station are we heading towards, after yesterday's spelling of Arvalem / Harvalem i told its Kulem spelled as Kulem / Collem and all possibilities it can be spelled out. We reached Kulem around 2 pm and saw lots of group waiting for there turn. We parked the car and came back to the place where all were waiting. Seems few bikers have came after one trip and there was complete chaos for who is going next.

Few points to help booking

1) You will find a booking office, the same place where they give you life jackets the booking is done there.
2) Ask them to give you a number, they will note down number of persons in group and give you number.
3) You have to pay once you get the bikes. They wont take payment even if you offer.
4) There are around 90 bikes and it takes 4 to 5 hrs to return to base. So only few bikes do 2 trips.
5) The bikers start at 8 am in morning but crowd starts from 10.00 am.
6) Due to recent movies Dudhsagar falls have become very famous. As per the riders even yesterday many tourist had to return in evening.
7) The last bike / group that leaves is around 4.00 pm.
8) Charges 600 per person which includes 65INR ticket for Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary.

Due to few bikers coming after first trip there was chaos created for the next group to leave. In all this we were still trying to figure out where to do booking. Few riders told no need we will keep in mind and so on. Once everything settled we came to know we need to do booking of our group. We went and got number 7. There were 7 more groups ahead of us :eek: so chances were less if we will be able to make it. Better option would have been that we had come here yesterday as it was Sat and it might be weekend rush. Thanks to Manali she knew koknani language and spoke with the local in local language which helped a lot. We kept on pestering them and they assured us that "Kuch bhi ho, hum aapko le jayege". Few groups went for lunch and we were waiting and chit chatting with the guys there. A group of riders came and seems the chit chat and local language did wonders we were the next group to go :)

En-route Kulem



Booking office




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Re: Go Goa Gone - Part 2

Met one of my best buddy Sandeep at booking office :)
Sandeep has shifted to Singapore and he had informed his Mumbai plans. He planned to meet on Independence Day but since i would be in Goa it couldn't happen and here i meet him. As usual exchanged some gaalis before starting the conversation :p


The next i met on trek was Biru with his Dhanno. One of the best solo rider for a change in group ;) :p. He was on his way back from Dughsagar. It was really nice meeting Biru :)




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Apologizes for the back to back post :)

Once the bike arrived we made the payment and just stood next to our bikes. We didn't want anyone else to claim it ;)


Two bikers (Manali and Bubs) took other way and joined us in 10 minutes. They went to market for buying some fruits. They didn't have anything from morning and due to rush they cant even find time for lunch :(


Finally the adventurous ride was about to begin ;)

We crossed the railway crossing and they asked us to cross some path on foot.
Mishkaa enjoying the trek


The route ;)


Around 4 kms on this route




After first water crossing, where the track ends. Met Biru here :)


Now it was time to pass through jungle


Second water crossing




Again the ride. The path was full of slush ahead and saw quite a few bikers fall.


Finally we parked the bikes as it was impossible to cross next water crossing.





Once we crossed it, we had to walk 20 mins to reach the parking base.


Finally we are here :)



The trek continues...






First glimpse of Dudhsagar








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My god. Must have been a really adventurous experience of Dudhsagar on bikes.
Second water crossing itself was scary enough and third one ........... no words.
Amazing vistas of the water fall.


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Thank u Sudhakarji :)
It indeed was adventurous ride. Hats off to riders like Biru to do it on there bikes. The track had everything from off-roading, water crossing, slush.
Next update of waterfall up close from the tracks :)
Awaiting your T'log to start.


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Once we reached the parking base and got a glimpse of Mighty waterfall, it was time to return. I was like :shock: we need to go ahead near the falls, where we can see it from the track. Having read in logs about the path and guide needed to reach the point i insisted them to take us to the tracks. After some negotiations for money and round of YES and NO we were ready for trek again. We need to cross one more water stream and trek around 20 - 30 mins. It started to rain again and couldn't click more pics of water crossing and trek.

More trekking



Finally reached the tracks


Enjoying waterfall enroute, since same can't be done under Dudhsagar :p


Trek on Tracks ;)


Time for break


Finally found light at the end of tunnel


A nice place to camp, near the waterfall.


Dudhsagar close up



The bridge where the train crosses


We were lucky, a train coming this way :)



Check the rider shouting on tracks with train behind :shock:


The rider was shouting on none other but me, i was clicking pics of Bubs and at the same time train came. I wanted to click pic of train and Bubs was shouting that i should click his pic. I clicked his pic and went to other side so i can capture pic of waterfall and train. Once i reached there i realized i need to head towards tents as there wasn't enough space for me to stand, forget clicking pic. Soon i realised i couldn't reach the tents so made up my mind and decided to cross the tracks again. With the train rushing towards me i was criss crossing tracks 'n' number of times :p

Few pics of train and waterfall together




You can go down at the base of waterfalls


Few more pics of Dudhsagar




It was getting late and we headed back. Even rain has started. Water logging at several places on way back. Even the water level at water crossing reached waist height. Due to rains couldn't click pics of return journey. The path was full of slush due to rains and bikes moving. Saw quite a few bikers fall.

Thank you - Good bye Dudhsagar


Reached the base around 7 pm

A group photo with the pilots


A pic of pilots / riders ;)



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beautiful log, wonderful narration and awesome photographs. Dudhsagar is amazing. I'm yet to visit this place. :(


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super stuff SS... enjoyed it thoroughly.. i hope i can experience the adrenaline rush you must have had on the bikes and the river crossing..