Goa again .. our annual event

Nothing can beat Goa. The amazing mood, beaches, people, it's something that lifts up the spirit in self. And hence we try to go to Goa at least once in year ever since we tasted it first in 2013.
And this time decided to drive from Bangalore to Goa. Coming up here is a short travelogue on our four day trip.
This is what we go for: sunshine, beach and relaxation:
Driving from Bangalore to Goa would be around 600 kms or even more. Hence we decided to leave early at 4 AM. It was a regular friday and hence traffic wasn't expected.
Covered nice road and joined highway towards Tumkur. It took some time to go outside Bangalore limits but after that the traffic was smooth.

Stopped for tea break at 6:30 AM Hotel Sai Palace, comes after Sira. After sipping up a good coffee and eating idli, continued the drive. Sunrise happened and hence stated taking some pics of road. These are as we approach Chitradurga:




There was relatively lesser traffic than expected, hence turned out to be a great leisure drive.

More to continue..
Driving was smooth and peaceful with good speeds. After crossing Chitradurga, towards Davangere, we slowed down after the toll booth at Hebbalu. This is because the police is known to have interceptors with speed guns in this area, especially in front of SS institute. We didn't find any though as it was morning 8 AM, but we did find a police Bolero trying to stop trucks and other commercial vehicles.
After crossing Chalageri toll booth, speeds were back again.
Stopped for breakfast at Kamat Renebennur, which is coupled with a Reliance petrol pump. Continued the journey, while the roads were still empty:

Soon we reached Hubbali, and entered Hubbali- Dharwad stretch of the Asian highway. Surprisingly it's a two laner, and constructed by Nandi Infra. So more toll but less speed:

Had our next stop immediately after taking cut from Dharwad for Goa. Stopped at Hill View restaurant, Mugad. Surprisingly, paratha here was very good. Since it was 11:30 AM hence didn't have complete lunch here.

Continued on the ghat towards Goa, and there are very little places to stop in between. Reached our hotel in Benaulim at 3:00 PM. Decided to relax a bit and then head to the beach in evening.
Lazily woke-up next morning, which was the first agenda of Goa trip :).
After breakfast, decided to cover up a few things which we couldn't see earlier: Bogmalo Navy museum and Chapora fort. While Bogmalo is far from Benaulim (South Goa), Chapora fort is in further north. It was going to take a full day.

Reached Bogmalo museum at around 11 AM, bought tickets and went inside. It was a good display of ships, about Navy history and even some planes used. Here are some pics.
Museum entrance:

A ship and submarine model right outside entrance:

Model of INS Vikrant:

We continued to get amazed by so many things on display there. A replica of helicopter:
After the indoor part, we came out to see more of aviation, this time real planes and helicopters kept on display. Although they weren't in a great condition and we soon learned that only outer shell was there:




A few planes as well:


There's a small canteen here where we had a good tasty lunch. We then continued towards north Goa.
After a lazy drive we reached Chapora at 3PM. It was hot and sunny, and so we climbed up first to the fort. It's a short 5 minutes climb, not so steep.
They are probably building stairs there as well.
Soon we reached the entrance:

We went inside, and as expected it's all emptiness there. Only walls are there to give good views:

View from Chapora fort:

Vagator beach view from the fort:

We then went down to Vagator beach and decided to laze around in a shack and watch the beautiful sunset.
While we selected the shack, the first thing we noticed was a Trishul right in middle of Vagator beach, something very unexpected in Goa:

A closer look and some more time told it had to do with the cafe we were sitting in. Here's a closer shot:

And then shifted the focus to seeing a beautiful sunset:


And finally, sun is down:

Headed forward to Arpora Saturday night market, which turned out to be a disappointment in terms of shopping. Came back to South Goa, had dinner in the famous "Martin's corner" and called it a day.
The next day was even lazier, but that's what Goa is for.
Till noon we were in Benaulim area, as went to the sea in morning. After lunch, headed to Palolem beach at around 4 PM. Got lot of traffic and it became a bit difficult to reach on sunset, but still managed to reach within time. However, it was a very crowded beach which was unexpected. Had a bit of trouble getting the parking as the lot was filled.
Finally sat down on the sand to admire the view.
Colorful beach shacks:

Kayaks on the beach:

Boat coming back from Dolphin safari:

Sunset about to happen while the men work:

After sunset, went to Colva to have dinner at Mickey's. Turned out to be a disappoint as the food wasn't great.
Next morning, had breakfast and started driving down at 10 AM. After initial 30 mins of traffic in Goa, we were on the state highway to Dharwad with pretty less traffic.
Stopped at 2 places in between for lunch and snacks, and reached home in Bangalore at 9 PM, though did drive slowly near to Davangere but there was no interceptor.