God,Grapes & the curse of the Hijara - trip to palani-kodaikanal-kumily


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next we set out for the jungle safari. sreejith our driver was a nice guy who said initially itself that sighting wild life would depend on our luck. on the way we met one of is friends who was returning with visitors who had offered him 500 bucks if he could show them some wild life, with no luck:sad: we had to do some off roading too to our thrill. there was fresh elephant dung on the road. sreejith said that it was the mornings. at one of the stops there was a small shack run by a husband and wife who told us that they have to shift the shop in the maruti van in the evening as tuskers cross the fence in the night and would destroy everything.we taught her how to make bulls-eye which we had with bread. we also saw the remnants of an old building which was the store and accommodation of british
engineers who had come to build the dam.


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you would think that the return back home would be a boring affair but we were cursed and it was a thriller and melancholic ending. we reached Pala by 9 pm when sanju handed me the keys after having a good dinner. we got info that it was raining in kerala with almost all the southern districts under red alert. there was some flooding in Eranakulam district. we rang up my friend who updated that the road to trissur was clear. we made good time as there was sparse traffic and the road was good. reached ernakulam by 12 am was nearing trissur when got the news that sheena's mother, who was bedridden for the past year, had passed away. everyone was asleep and i could hear sheena sobbing silently in the rear seat. i was upset too but kept on driving.it was raining from pala onwards and in ernakulam and trissur it was heavy. passed trissur by 1am. just beyond trissur the windshield wiper went kaput.:shock: parked the car by the roadside and tried every trick that we knewto no avail. then decided to drive slowly with flashers on, but couldn't go far. by this time everybody had woken up. sanu got some phone nos from the net of 24hr work shops. one guy didn't even answer the rings. another whose workshop was a few kilometers in a pocket road informed that mechanic was away and when we requested for some tools he said that they were locked up my the mechanic. really professional workshop people:x:x i slowly drove on when we saw the highway patrol vehicle of the kerala police parked by the highway. i was somewhat relieved and expected some help. when i introduced my self and explained our dilemma that we had to get sheena home to thikodi as her mom's funeral was slated for 11 am. i was horrified by their reply. they told us that this place was not under their jurisdiction and told us to go to the next town where we might get help.(i had heard that when a dead body washes to the bank of a river under the jurisdiction of one police station the policemen there would push it off into the current so that it washes to the next bank into the jurisdiction of the next police station ) next we tried our luck at a petrol pump. the guys there didn't know of any workshops and they just had a plier with which we could do nothing. we were thinking of what to do when a guy drove up in a rally modified maruti gypsy in to the petrol pump. a small guy got out and he was the messiah that god sent us on that day. he was meharoof. when we told him about our predicament he advised us to wipe the windshield with tobacco when the water would flow off.he asked us to go behind him and he drove slowly. it didn't work. next we took out the selfie stick and sanju tied a towel to its end and started wiping the windshield from the left front window. after a few kilometers the stick broke:cry:meharoof who was still in front of us guiding us. we drove on and he asked us to park in front of a shop which was open. we bought nylon ropes and tied it to the wiper the two ends were passed through the front windows. we also bought duct tapes which we stuck to the A pillar and front window edge to prevent chaffing of the paint. sanju and mujeeb was tasked to pull on the ropes and it worked. we thanked meharoof profusely. he had a workshop in trissur that did modifications to vehicles. we drove on in the heavy rain. only problem was the pullers falling asleep and i had to constantly call their names when the rain got heavy. we reached thikodi by 6 am and dropped sheena off at her home i had to steer the stricken vehicle to payangadi and had to come back with my car. and then we had our vengeance and i knew that lord Murugan was smiling upon us. nearing Iringal a policeman stopped our vehicle. i thought he had noticed our weird contraption and wanted to book us. but to our delight he asked us if we had jumper-cables as the highway patrol innova which was parked, had drained its battery and was not starting. :grin::grin::grin: i asked him to go to the next town to get the fu..... jumper cable as this area wasn't under my jurisdiction......... IN MY MIND.
reached payangadi by 8 am returned with my car by 9 and attended my mother inlaw's funeral.
i rang up meharoof the messiah today too....................................


Amazing and adventurous travelogue. Perhaps Lord Murugan had put an end to your MIL's yearlong sufferings. May her soul rest in peace.

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May your Mother-in-law soul rest in peace. Wonderful idea for the viper. TOBACCO LEAF technique to ward off water is an age-old technique but personally never tried it though.