Goecha la trek in last week of September -

Paddy Mahadeva

New Member
Hi guys,

I and 2 more are planning to do this around September 25th or around. Few questions as I found most of the Goecha la trek threads to be pretty old

1. Are there homestays in yuksom, we are budget travelers and prefer to stay with families rather than hotels any time. Any pointer on which area , contact details or pricing would be great help. If not homestays, at least family run budget guest houses.

2. I am landing at bagdogra around 12.00 pm and plan to move towards Yuksom, Any scenic , country side places where I stay overnight, homestays etc, some place I can get to via a shared vehicle and find one for Yuksom the next day. Where can I find shared vehicles in Bagdogra? Which is the ideal halt point?

3. Can I find guides and porters/cooks in yuksom or will I have to go via local agencies. Personally, I don't like agencies at all, will it be possible to find a guide in Yuksom without them? Anyone who has done this trek before and have any guide contact, please do share

5. Are tents available in yuksom for hire? Is it possible to find few trekkers at yuksom and group at this time of the year?

6. What should be my budget for homestay in Yuksom and what shared vehicle rates from Bagdogra to Yuksom?

Also, I hope this trek is safe, in terms of people like most of our mountain sides!
Any advice is most welcome, especially with stay, guide and travel.