Golden temple trip 11-13 march2017


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Hi, i am planning to do golden temple circuit on above dates..

Advice which i required are :-

1. 3 days are sufficient? As i need to be in delhi on or before 13th night.

2. What are the best route from Delhi...?

3. Golden temple, atari station, waga border are open to visitors? If yes how to visit there local taxi / or other...

What are the timings of wagha border..

4. Where to stay in budget n good family hotel with proper parking.

5. Kindly advice in full details as i am traveling with family... So dont want to take any chance..


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If you are going by road, start very early from Delhi say at about 4-5AM. This will give you ample time to beat the traffic. It'd a long journey with family, so plan accordingly.

Now replies to your queries:
1) and 3)

3 days are sufficient for Amritsar.
On 11-Mar start early from Delhi and you might reach Amritsar city in 8-9 hours easily. Try reaching your hotel before 12 noon and immediately head out for Wagah border.. It's about 30KMs away from main city. Best bet is to hire a local cab for to-&-fro. Parking at Wagah is a big mess, and with a cab you'll be fresh when you come back to your hotel in evening. You'll have to walk for 1KM after you park you car. There will be atleast 2 check-posts for frisking, etc. Carry umbrellas and water bottles. You'll get to buy ice-creams and water bottles at the open seating area as well.
Relax in your hotel, or if you can, visit Harmandir Saheb Gurudwara in night. City is safe and you can reach back hotel even at 11 pm or so.
12-Mar you can visit other local attractions (and fill your tummy at various overhyped restaurants ;) ) and repeat a day-visit to gurudwara again. It'll be a different experience altogether.
13-Mar, start for delhi a little late, as you'll face Holi celebrations all across your route.

2) NH-1, and google maps gives perfect route for this destination. :)

4) We stayed in Golden Tulip and Ramada. Ramada is much better and closer to city. Golden tulip is equally good in terms of service, and is slightly less expensive than Ramada.

5) Amritsar is a very nice place to visit with family. Donot worry for anything. Drive safe.
11 march DEL - Amritsar in route have breakefast at murthal and lunch at haveli jalandhar and reachd amritsar by evening and you can visit golden temple in night if u want ... highway is good except at Ludhiana as road construction work is still on . rest all excellent.

12 March visit to golden temple early morning and after that go for shooping and other things in evening visit wagah border and returne back to hotel .

13 March Amtirsar -delhi please note that if you want to visit golden temple on 13th also than visit very early morning means you should be there by 5 am or other wise being a holi and a holiday too .... so there will be heavy very heavy rush, last year i was there on holi and it takes around 6 hrs for darshan .

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Its possible but will be hectic. Will take 10 -12 hrs to reach depending on traffic, timings etc. Expect stupendous crowds at wagah given its a long weekend. If you dont have vip pass, I would advise reaching by at least 2pm to be able to get a seat. Attari station is a small detour and worth visiting.


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I second what Omega has mentioned.
This is why I suggested you to finish up the tough part on your first day itself.

We did this stretch in past in 8 hours flat with just 2 breaks in between. An early start from Delhi is the key. No need to overspeed, you can easily cruise at say 80-90kmph throughout the highway.

Get a cab booked for Wagah visit with help of your hotel. Leave hotel at the earliest and reach border ASAP to get a seat in shades!


Do not cross 90 KMPH when crossing Haryana, speed interceptors are there during day time at many places and also on the elevated road when you enter in Amritsar.
They use old vans/Ambulances and even I have seen them standing behind private cars with speed sensor.

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