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After returning from Sapt Tal trek I was prety much sure that will do Gomukh trek for sure but it was not clear when
Almost every day i was making a plan and canceling it, most of the office buddies knew my plan as i was searching for a travel
partner in the office.
I was talking about this place to everyone just to convince them and make them ready to do this.
But i was wrong, people were ready for Shimla-Manali trip nobody was interested for trekking.

So plan was almost cancel because i was not in the mood to do it alone and lost in nowhere.
More than getting lost in the jungle , my worries were leopard, hyenas and other animals i heard about this route but that were all FALSE.

After raining season end in September i started thinking about it again and again, talked with @Dry Ice too, he encouraged me to go for this but he was not at all
interested in Trek after last time Sapt tal trek :) (Es bari tum jao ham baad me chalenge)
I was continuously searching for some travel company who organize Gomukh trekk but their charges were high.
Finally i was able to convince my colleague( MR. Pandit Ji) and he agreed.
I started reading logs, watching videos of the route
Read T-log of Gangotri/Gaumukh posted by BCMT folks like @Gaurav Dutt @where-eagles-dare @NatureLover helped me a lot.

Again plan was to start on 7th Oct evening and start Trek on 9th Morning
But God had a different plan for me so my travel partner declined go just a week before.

"What is this man?
this is not good!!!
you are canceling the trip because of nothing"

So Plan is finally canceled but before canceling the plan i posted about this on my FB wall as well as some travel forums.
It was 3rd Oct when i called it canceled trip with heavy heart.

People in the office were taking this as joke :

"Are bhai kab ja rahe ho trekk pe?"
"Kya !! cancel kar diya kya"
"Are ye Pandit ji ke bharose rahoge to kahi nahi ja paoge"
"Goli de diya kya pandit ne"

I was not at all happy and suddenly got FB message from an unknown person Mr. Ashish Rawat, he was interested in Gomukh trek.
He told me he was on the way to Gomukh last year but due to permit issue had to returned.
I talked with him for 10-20 minutes , I just wanted to make sure he know the route and he is genuine person and a travel lover.
He seemed a nice person so i decided to make plan with him.
On 5th Oct we had a discussion and applied for leave, since i had to work on Sunday so i thought to take leave on Monday as "Comp off" , people in IT can easily relate
to "comp-off" thing LOL

11th Oct was public holiday of Dussera so taken three days paid time leave 12,13 and 14 OCT.
Thanks to my onsite manager who is kind enough to approved my leave in short notice, I am lucky to be in his team.

Now one big problem::mad:
I am not able to sleep because of trek excitement, I have zero preparation as of now.

8-OCT :
Talked with Rawat bhai about the preparation and travel plan

Rawat : Preparation ka to yesa hai ki mai to Rawat hu to mujhe thand nahi lagti, aap le lena ek jacket
He told me to carry a small bag as he will be coming with a big one, so his plan was to put my small bag into bigger one and then we will carry it one by one.
But this plan could not convinced me when i saw temperature details of Gomukh, it was in negative(-):confused:

9th-OCT :
I had to finish my work before evening so that will catch the bus in the night at 10:30PM
Still i have zero preparation :Hangman: and i am looking at my old Puma shoe :confused: which made me skid several times in the last trek.:-s
It was 2PM and i managed to finish my work, told my buddy to call me if anything urgent come, i knew nothing is gonna come today :tonqe:, I have faith on Indian Jugad which we
use to fix anything :)

Working from home today which has another advantage:cool: , while working or on call you can still cook food and manage time, I also did the same.
Oh no , not in the mood to ride bike so booked Uber from Gurgaon palam vihar to Sonha road.
Yes ! I am going to Decathlon to buy all those stuff required for this trip.
While going i saw a newly opened Decathlon at 1st floor of Huda city center Metro station, a sudden smile, I am not going to Sohna road now, told the taxi and stopped there.
Visited the place it was full of useful items for travel and trek, so many items were there and it took me more than an hour as I had to buy many things.

1. Arpenaz 100 Mid Men Hiking Shoes QUECHUA - 2799INR
2. Arpenaz 50 (0-7 degree) sweat shirt Quechua - 999INR
3. Quechua Shocks 2 pair - 199
4. 2 round neck T-shirt - 300
5. 1 Polo neck T-shirt - 400
6. 1 trouser - 1300
7. 1 Lower cum inner - 400
8. ARPENAZ 40 liter backpack, BLUE QUECHUA - 1399

Total money spent there was somewhere near 8K.
About Decathlon store :
Its one of the fantastic sports shop and you will get almost all the item related to traveling, hiking, running, Swimming they have well trained staff who will help you to decide the product, its very good store for people like us.

I returned from there around 5:00PM and then started my packing, almost everything was packed at Decathlon itself so i just bought some nuts chocolates, red bulls, Boroplus antiseptic , vasline, sun screen, some first aid box item from local shop.
Packed my camera, basic phone and some medicine like painkiller, diamox because trek altitude was around 14500 Feet, Revital etc.
You can see packing stuff in the very first picture.

Initial Travel Plan:

9th-OCT night - Take bus from ISBT to Rishikesh
10th-OCT - Take bus till Uttarkashi and stay there in the night
11th-OCT - Take early morning cab to Gangotri and start the trek and stay at Bhojwasa
12th-OCT - Start early morning for Gomukh then for Tapovan and spend night there
13th-OCT - Start early morning and reach Gangotri
14th-OCT - Visit Gangotri near by location and take taxi for Uttarkashi and spend night there
15th-OCT - Take Bus from Uttarkashi and reach Haridwar/Rishikesh in the night and stay there
16th-OCT - Take Volvo for Delhi and the END

As per plan I took metro at Dwarka Sector-21, meet with Rawat sahab for the first time inside metro at Dwarka Mod and to be surprize his bag was not big it was just bigger than laptop one, thank god I packed everything.
He was not carrying enough warm cloth that was my worry, he had a towel, a sweat shirt,2 jeans and 2 t shirts, 1 shawl, No cap nothing, as he said "I am Rawat i do not feel cold and i will show you my speed in Mountain" :)

Today's Travel:
Home to Decathlon by Uber- 105 INR
Decathlon to Home by Auto - 80 INR
Home to Dwarka metro by Uber- 218 INR
Dwarka to ISBT metro - 27 INR
Total = 430

We reached ISBT around 11:00PM, As per Rawat's plan we could easily get bus but we faced different situation, only one Volvo till Haridwar with one seat was available, when spoke to the conductor he told he would arrange kind of bench for us, so it was cancelled.
Rawat sahab gone for Smoking and talked with some agent who gave us two tickets of private bus service some "Maharaja Bus service" if i remember.
We bought two with 1100 INR, bus was going to Dehradoon so will be dropped by Haridwar and will take another bus from Rishikesh.

Bus was standing outside the terminal, it was pointed by agent that bus is started and will move in next 10 minutes.
We get into the bus and quickly reserved two seats, we kept our bags there and started wandering near by.
Final call from driver at 1:00AM that we are moving now =D>, when i sat there I felt wet surface, boss something was scattered there :evil:, may be vomit:evil:,It ruined my clothes as well as base of the newly purchased Quechua bag.
Well we changed the seat and new seat was also not comfortable that too when your cloth is wet due to some unknown thing.:butthead::butthead:
I was waiting for a Dhaba so that i could wash my cloth, people who faced this situation can recall what i mean.
Shit happens sometimes !!#-o

Most scary things are yet to come !!:twisted:
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