Gomukh or Gaumukh


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Now show time, Bahubali the conclusion ...................
Expecting expert to identify peaks and I know only few

Some other mountain peak


Is it Meru ?

Rawat with that uncle ji, slowly slowly we were gaining altitude and lack of oxygen was felt sometime which pushed us to take rest, during the whole trek we took almost 10-15 short breaks, without break it was impossible to move further


Crossing the wooden bridge

No road - Walk on these path and you will hit your knee for sure


We kept on moving and our path started getting rough


Rawat bhai and myself





















Now you can differentiate what the diff between rock mountain and a glacier



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Finally we reached Chirbasa at 5PM, only 4 KM is remaining now, if you are short of stamina you must spend night at Chirbasa and start next morning, we were having some stamina left so we started for Gomukh but the fact is from Chirbasa your every footstep is a milestone

Baba's tent at Chirbasa - Stay price is 150INR per night

After Chirbasa while crossing the river we saw a family also they were from West Bengal and really struggling, there were one man around 55-60 years old ,his wife and his daughter 25 years old + one insane guide total 4 people.
I asked him if they are facing any issue and they told they were ok
So we moved ahead and just after 50 meters the old man started soughting for help
I was in no mood to go 50 meters back so i called him to come here.
in 5 minutes he came to me and asked for help , told that guide is harassing his family and asking for more money else he will left us in middle of the jungle, please help us and bring us with you.

Well it was a tough call for us , we were in our own pace and our target was to reach Bhojwasa before 7PM,we didn't have any torch if we delayed here but another point is for humanity we should not leave this family in the middle of nowhere, its very tough terrain, they were already harrased by the guide cum portar, so finally we dicided to help them, they had many small bags also which guide denied to carry so we dicided to carry those bags one by one if needed.
I saw that old lady walking very slowly or you can say she was not able to walk
To help them I given some dark chocolate , Revital and a bottle of RedBull
Then We had fight with their portar also, we told him we will report this to army and told few local names.


Time was spending very slow and it was getting darker fast, we all were exausted so decided to take a long break for 15 minutes..



Now Rawat bhai also started feeling cold


Because of slow moving we reached at Lal Baba ashram Bhojwasa at 8:45PM and people were preparing for sleep.
We told them the situation and about that family and guide, people there at baba's ashram also soughted at the guide refused to provide him any hospitality.

We were hungry so they served food, it was rice and pulse only and beleive me it tasted like I am having something at heaven, it was one of the most delicious food of life time.
Well that family inittially refused to eat without vegetable and they were negotiating with baba's guys and doing argument that they are taking 300INR and still not searving vegetable

I was feeling regret that I helped this family

Well after having dinner we settled on the bed and in five minutes we were in deep sleep

Next morning woke up at 6:30, after freshing up clicked some pics and headed towards Gomukh

Pics to see how Bhojwasa village looks



From Bojwasa to Gomukh is almost 2 KM with no road and you have to walk on the boulders only, with each step you will gain altitude

After moving 100 meters you will get good view of Trishul range.


Now Ravat bhai will never ever say anything about cold :)


So we bowed our head and prayed to the God, thanked for helping us in this wonderful journey, Rawat filled two bottle of holy water and we were set for return
No we are not going to Tapovan because it was not in our plan and we didn't have sleeping bag or tent for worse case.

This was the path which was more dangerous in descending


On returning after Chirbasa i felt thirst and could not stopped my tongue to touch ice crystals

So main thrill part is over and we returned at Gangotri in the evening 6:30PM
we covered almost 20KM today
Completely exhausted taken a cup of tea and headed towards Mandakini Hotel
I have already stayed in the same hotel so after some bargaining he agreed for 300INR/night
I paid 50INR and asked for hot water to take bath, meanwhile Rawat bhai brought some eatables and after some gossips we called it a day.

Next morning feeling fresh and confiden
Today our main task is to find a bus or taxi to reach Rishikesh
Since everybody was running behind each taxi it was difficult to reserve a seat
but finally we got three seats in a taxi
Started at 10AM and reached Rishikesh at 6:30PM
We paid 500 for each passenger and in 5 minutes got another bus for Delhi
It was Uttar pradesh parivahan Bus, service and condition of the bus was bad
Some people were drinking alcohol at back seat , this bus was more of full of drunk people
We had some argument also but again bus driver told us to ignore them, WTF ...
Around 12AM we reached Delhi, said good bye to each other, booked OLA cab and in 1 hour reached at my destination.
That was it, total adventurous trip of lifetime.
If you have any question or you are planning to go there please feel free to ask, we would love you help you.
At Last 360 degree video view of Bhojwasa

We have successfully completed this trip and would like to thank Rawat bhai, Bidi wale uncle ji, taxi driver and many more people who helped us.
Special thanks to Dry_ice , Gaurav Dutt and other BCMT brothers who motivated me.
At last special thanks to Rawat bhai because he was the one who felt all the ups and down along with me.
Trip is completed by one thing I promised to myself that soon I will go there not till Gomukh but beyond it, probably Tapovan or beyond for sure !!

So I won't say


I Would Say


Thanks for reading and tolerating my horrible writing



Gaurav Dutt

हर हर गंगे!
excellent blog.
..to name a few, we have Mt.Chaturbuj, Sudarshan, Bhagirathi 1, Bhagirathi 2, Shivling and a part of Bhirgu Parvat which was visible.


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Nice travelogue. Please tell me if a guide is mandatory or is it that we can easily find our way to Gomukh?