Good news for RD350 and RX100 fans

Yogesh Sarkar

Good news for RD350 and RX100 fans, Yamaha is planning to start selling their spare parts again.

Yamaha Motor India CEO and Managing Director Yukimine Tsuji told the media, “We are talking to the vendors for providing spare parts even for our older bikes, like RX 100 and RD 350, to win back the confidence of our customers.”

I guess RD350's rates will be going up even more!


LOL!! wonder what happened to this news...
am waiting oh yamaha.. make me happy.. :) you listening? :^o


RX100 ok but i don't think RD350 spares are possible... you mean we'll get brand new pistons, cylinders and crank !!!

Yogesh Sarkar

That is what they were thinking of, in any case they would probably make a killing selling these as quite a few RDs need new pistons etc. :D