Good non veg in Ahmedabad


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I'm in Ahmedabad for the past 3 months and been searching for some good joints for Non Veg. I've tried a couple of places but, having the taste of Delhi in my buds is troubling me..
Help required :tonqe:


Have you gone to Bhatiyar Gali ? I have heard that there is good non-veg food available there, though no personal experience.


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- tomatoes, cg road
- mirchi (or maybe Mirch masala), again at cg road. This is in the basement
- there is one Hyderabadi food joint also but i don't remember the location. Small place, but this one the best of all.

Do note that i last went to these places ages back in 2004:(


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i think Khamasa is another popular stretch that’s dotted with the best of eateries in the Old City. Hanifbhai is one of the famous eating joints at Khamasa............


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go to relief road specifically electric house - lal darwaja from there the road going toward kalupur railway station u will find many places for good non veg food.......