Good Times again!!! Z1000 and Z1000 SX( ninja 1000) in india @12.5 L ex Pune


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They are ramping up. ZX14R, 10R ... now the Z and N1000s. :)
The Z1000 looks super cool .Those headlamps are sure to turn all the heads :-D


Tell me about it. I just wish they bring in the 636 too. According to reports they are going to launch another bike in Jan 2014 and that's rumored to be the Z800. i so wish it will be the 636 at a yummy price and hopefully will lead the way for some great mid level 600's. Just wishing..just wishing :)

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Kawasaki Is indeed on a Rampage! With so many launches this year , In Probably every performance segment, and Z800 lined up for launch after Auto expo 2014 , Kawi's are taking India Heck Seriously.