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Do check out Creative and Sennhiser range as well. Creative Ep630 and 830 are considered quite decent as well.
+1, EP630 - total VFM. I bought it 2 years back for 650 bucks.

Thanks Yogesh out of the two you suggested which one is better - and on ebay I see some major price fluctuation on the same brand\model close to Rs 100
Yes. To add to your misery, here is an ebay link
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Thanks friends for confusing me :(

I searched for PMX 60 in ebay and this is what I saw

Same brand & Same model some at Rs 2225 and some at Rs 800

can someone please tell if if the 800 rupes ones are fake or diffrent from Rs 2225 ones

PMX 60, Consumer Electronics items at low prices on eBay India

Okay finally this is my final list - please advise based on value for money / sound quality / rough and tough use.

SENNHEISER BACKNECK HEADPHONE PMX 60 ( provied its within Rs 1500)

SENNHEISER X300 ( approx Rs 1200)

Philips Earclip Headphones SHS3701 ( Rs 599 )

Creative EP 830 ( approx 850)


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Tomorrow i'll make my purchase last chance for last moment advise :)
Hehe, buying speakers and headphones is way too subjective for anyone to try and swing it their way at the last moment!
Amps, Sources, Cables and Connectors are a lot more objective!
They are not transducers.
Transducers are totally subjective, quite 'personal'!
Buy what your ears like. :)


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Try to find Sennheisser PX100 headphones. They are much better than whatever else mentioned here. Might be little costly than others.
Skullcandys are bass heavy phones if you like low frequency then go for them.
And about the PMX60, if these are the same headphones that came free along with some Nokia phones then I would say stay away from them. Not at all musical.
If you want earphones, heard good things about Soundmagic PL series but I've not heard them so can't tell much about them. There is also Klipsch S2 which are also quite good. Also is the Senn CX300. And don't miss the Fisher Audio earphones, heard that they are also good IEM's (In-Ear Monitors). And with IEM's it's very important to get a good seal while wearing them or they sound crap.
Actually this whole music thing is of endless possibilities. ;)
But again, as Anupji said, buy what your ears like. But problem here is that you just can't do any kind of audition here in India :(
OOpss, just noticedd that your budget and i guess it might be difficult to get the PX100 in that range. :(
BTW, you can check with this guy, as he has lots of ear/headphones. I've purchased an earphone amplifier from him and it was a good experience (prompt delivery)..
Can you get things from US? If so then you'll have loads of options. I normally buy from US and prices are almost like half of what you'ld pay in India. For your budget you can easily get a Koss PortaPro which is one of the best budget headphones..

Soundmagic PL30 is available for 1k+shipping at eBay. I'm gonna order one now. Just an impulsive buy for experimentation, hope they'll turn out to be good . You may also try these ;-)
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thanks everyone for your valuable contribution - much appreciated

after careful consideration and feed backs both online and offline I have decided to go for

Hold your breath !!!

Sony MDR-G45LP Headphones :)

If someone feels

Philips Earclip Headphones SHS3701 or Creative EP 830

is better than Sony - then this is the time to stop me :)
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