Goodbye 2018: The Year of Travel


A Passionate Photographer
Photologue: Looking back at the year that gave me lot of opportunities to travel and make memories . I am sharing here some of the photos , I took during the past year.

Jhalana . Jaipur ( January) : A small park in Jaipur, known for its leopard population .

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Male leopard sub adult feeding on a neelgai killed by its mother , the leopardess was hidden behind the bushes and two of its cubs devoured the animal carcass.

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The leopard was too close to get a full frame

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Nalsarovar Lake ( January/Feb):
Located approx 60 km from Ahmedabad , popular for the Flamingos that arrive here during winter months . When I reached there , flamingos havenot yet come in large nos but my boatman really tried hard to give me good sightings of flamingos, saras crane , spoonbill etc.
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Pench National Park ( MP/Maha)- March : Total 5 safaris, 3 in touria and 2 in khursapar. Touria is a beautiful range , as soon as we entered , our gypsy braked hard to stop and a Dhole -wild dog chased a spotted dear and they both flew past us. pench was a successful trip with sighting of big cats almost every trip.

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he tigress feeding its cub , for the first time i witnessed this sight and rest assured, i took it from a safe distance, without disturbing both.

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The set of leopard and tigers' pictures are just mind blowing! Yes, we can see that, your 2018 was really amazing! :)

Himadri sen

The last leg of my Photoseries -trips from 2018..i had already resigned from my current job and had some slack time before joining the new took out my bucket list and set out for Southern India..the coastal part of kerala & Tamilnadu and the famous temples of Tamilnadu . It was first trip to tamilnadu , loved the simple yet delicious cuisine of Tamilnadu.
First leg of my journey was Delhi-Kerala flight to Kovalam.
The lighthouse beach

Himadri sen

Next day woke up to the rude shock of 12 hrs Transport bandh,my first brush with Bandh outside my homestate, luckily met a kind taxi driver to take us to varkala, we left kovalam earlier than we expected ..but after reaching varkala , we didnt regret ..varkala is pure bliss

Himadri sen

The next part was in Tamil nadu , our trip to Tamilnadu started with Kanyakumari and then went to Rameswaram-Dhanuskodi- Madurai-Trichy-Tanjavur-Kumbakanom-Chidambaram- Pondi-Chennai. The main focus was to visit the major temples and the Great living chola temples, after witnessing the scale and grandeur of Tamilnadu Temples I am still at awe of the architecture and massive temple compounds. I would have loved to visit all the temples but due to shortage of time focussed on the more popular ones . Since , most of the temples dont allow any camera , the photos clicked are few and I would wrap it my blog in a few more posts :) .
From varkala took a train to kanyakumari and then hired a car for tamilnadu leg as we wanted to travel selected places in a short time.

Kanyakumari ..