Got more than 4 lakh views on a video that I posted a year back on You Tube


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Well, when I first got Mr. Cooper, I wanted to make vidoes of him and upload it on You Tube. However, with work and other commitments, my whole focus shifted to train Mr. Cooper and keep him healthy rather than making videos of him.

However, I did make some videos of him and uploaded them on You Tube.

Three days back, my Mausi (aunty) called me and told me that she saw Cooper on You Tube.

I said, okay. Maybe she saw some of the old videos that I uploaded.

When I was about to sleep, I checked the video , like after an year.

It had more than 4 lakh views, more than 1200 subscribers and more than 250 comments.

I jumped out of bed, I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

It took me a while to come to my senses.

So yes, patience and gratitude is rewarding.

I always thank God for Mr. Cooper.

Here is the link of the video if you guys wanna watch it.

Here is Mr. Cooper, oblivious of the fact that people love him so much online.

Well, I love him too.

I guess, he knows this, that I love him too.

I will let him check his videos' stats for a while and maybe Mr. Cooper and I can open an Instagram account too now.

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Pirates Skulls and Bones
So, You Tube accepted me in their Partner Program :)

I started making Mr. Cooper's videos just as a hobby/past time, since nothing gives me more joy that playing with Mr. Cooper.

Not even riding my kTM rc 390.

I run with Mr. Cooper instead :)

Here is the channel link.

I am just too happy today. More than 5000 people chose to see Mr. Cooper's adventures on You Tube..

Thats something that I never imagined in my wildest dreams :)