GPS: Standalone Vs Mobile


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I was surfing the india tiems when I chanced upon GP Ssystems for sale, waht caught my atention was a SatGuide DAta Logger for 7k...


Now this thing does not have anything in it except a GPS receiver and BT transmitter. This got me thinking, Nokia 5230 with a screen, BT etc is 8.5K ... then why go for this satguide thing? Now all the data loggers I have seen store upto 200k data points, but with Nokia phone enabled with a SD card, that is virtually limitless, u can see maps, run sports tracker, racecrono and other free apps ... all this can be done, ponk in a data card sim or plain disable the radio to save battery.

Now, regarding car systems, like Lx140 etc, If I use 5800 (INR 12k) that has tv out, I can plug it into a in-car LCD display ( Chinese are 3k ish for a 7" display) to get a real big map plus portability?

Upload Mapmuindia / satnav all India maps for 2k ish and you have good loud (connect your mobile to you BT-A2DP enabled ICE system) big screen, portable GPS navigation system.

Only disadvantage I see is that mobile screens are small ... so you might have to stop to to give in some inputs.

So for a Lx140 (using it for a reference only) the cost will be 14.5k, 5800+maps+7" screen is 17k ...

What do you guys say? Does it make more sense to go for the combo setup?


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hmmm .... portability ... hmmm ... car nav units are not meant to be removed from cars? at max they offer 4-5 hours of battery time, plus you cant slip them in your jeans pocket. 5800 you can?

What is your definition of portability?


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By portability I mean here is that its simple plug n play. You dont have to operate multiple devices (phone + screen etc.) for one task.