GPS tracks of the Hanle to Tso moriri route, without touching chumur.

We did the hanle - kyuntso - salsal la - tso moriri - tso kar, route on the 29th of august,

this was done without touching chumur or the itbp post there.

we did this route in 2 WD scorpios with ease

I have the GPS tracks for the route recorded in both kml and gpx format, if some one could guide me how to upload the file into the forum, I could upload the same so that they may be of use to fellow travellers in the area.

below is a screen shot of the route on google earth

hanle to tso kar route.jpg


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Yogesh Sarkar

Dhiren, both GPX and KML are supported files for upload on BCMTouring. You can use the attachment upload in advanced reply to upload them. Alternatively, you can email them to me at [email protected] and I will upload them for you.

Yogesh Sarkar

Thank you Dhiren. I have added it to first post and have moved this thread in to Maps and GPS section and placed a link to it in relevant stickies.
further details about the route

hanle to punjok is now tarred, punjok village is seen in the far end


the gate at punjok village, one needs to cross the same to head towards kyuntso


road towards kyun tso, it is a very gentle and gradual ascent


keep following these iron rod markers, you will spot one every half kilometer or so



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Dhiren, wonderful.
Please put complete route road pics in one thread. Start from Pangong & end at Tso Moriri. :)


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good to see the wonderful tracks of Hanle-Chumur and Rigzin wearing his favourite Jacket :)