GPS tracks of the Hanle to Tso moriri route, without touching chumur.

The original plan was to do the kyuntso nidar nyoma tso moriri route, but we changed plans after reaching kyun tso. We decided to take a chance and try the direct route, the only worry regzin had was about water obscales, and it was decided if we could not proceed furthur we would back track to kyuntso and do the nidar route and break journey at chumthang. But all went well and we saved plenty of time by doing the direct route, we were at tso moriri bridge by 12.30 pm, about 5 hours after we started from hanle. So we pushed on furthur to tso kar.

the group at salsal la


some kiang shots taken after salsal la


Till salsal la decent, the route is pretty straight forward and well marked, immediatly after the decent there is an option to branch out towards the right into a track that seemed rocky, and followed a narrow stream bed, we opted to push furthur on the chumur track and branch out to the right in the lam tso area.
the point where one enters into the chumur plains, the gap between the 2 hills in the foreground is the entry point into the chumur plains


note the small hillock feature in the centre right of the next picture, once you are into the chumur plains, you have to head towards this hillock and around its base towards the right. Any track to the left will lead to chumur so keep bearing right, you will hit the chumur - tso moriri road eventually because you are travelling perpendicular to it, you cant get lost here.

the land terrain in the chumur plains are salt marshes, so follow the dry paths or you could get bogged down


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Dhiren, there's a camp site being shown in G Maps at Man. Are there tented accommodations?
amit, man is a really samll place, and there was no tented accomodations there, we spotted a couple of homestay options in merak, but lukung or spangmik are the preferred options for night halt.


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wow..that feeling of wandering and loneliness in the pics is so so wonder everybody here wants to go back!! :(
Yes, that is what I want. :D

But I am sure there'll be just one direction to go, on such places.
yeah, we got out of the vehicals and scouted the way to link to the roads back in this place and on we went. The route is simply amazing, the panaoramas are breath taking


Lovely pics.
Not sure but I guess we also did this route while coming back from Hanle Chumur back in 2008. @hisunil sir is this the same route?
Superb! I can totally see what I missed! :)
a reason to go back zack, :) the route is simply amazing, the chushul tsaga route was breath taking too, the colours just floored me

wooo hoo, what a lovely route, a must do for me now. and you are really lucky to spot the wolf
out of the world, rajiv, the photos dont do justice, believe me, the chumur plains was like being in africa, with large herds of kiang, regzin had a whale of a time chasing them in his scorpio. We were very lucky about the wolves, a pack of seven, i wish i had better photos, the range was a bit too far for my 18 -200,

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did you find the elusive Lam Tso? Any pics of it?
Alpha, the lam tso remains elusive, we would have had to move towards chumur to go in that direction, and we did not have permitsmore ever lam tso i believe cannot be reached by vehicals, google earth map shows it to be located at a higher altitude located atop some hillock like feature. It is also marshland in that area.

Nice Information & equally gud pics.Thanx for Sharing.:)
thanks shekar ji, i got a lot of info for this trip from the forum and its members, it is payback time. makes the forum a better place to be in by sharing info.