Great Ocean Road and Great Barrier Reef

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When you come to Australia there are two geological wonders you would want to visit. The Great Ocean Road and The Great Barrier Reef.

I had a cousin come over from the UK to visit Australia. Obviously I recommended these two places. I had been to the Great Ocean Road earlier but the Great Barrier Reef was surely on the bucket list for a while now. I was just not sure if I could get the time for the visit.

Eventually we did manage to do the entire trip over a period of four days. And we did get to see some brilliant vistas.

The absolutely stunning drive right besides the Ocean


Some interesting creatures


A brilliant sunset

12 ApostlesSunset.jpg

Some grey skies


Some memories revisited


And some frozen


An out of the world experience


and memories to be stored for ever


and a place removed from the world



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Ernest Hemmingway once said "It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end"

When my cousin who is studying for his PhD in Oxford declared his intentions to visit me for seeing Australia, I decided that while we could go and see some places it is the overall experience that should remain in his mind. Something that he can recollect years down the line but the memories would still be fresh. So we decided to go to two places: The Great Ocean Road and the Great Barrier Reef. The first leg of the trip was an overnight tour of the Great Ocean Road. We planned to drive on the Great Ocean Road and stay near the 12 Apostles at Port Campbell. The plan was to see the Otway National Park the next day and then return via the Great Ocean Road.

A car was rented at the Avis rental next door and my cousin said he would drive. So far so cool.

The D Day arrived. We went and picked up our car and got a nice upgrade. As we sat in the car, my cousin told me this was the second time ever he was driving an automatic. The first time was two days ago when he tried a friend's car for 5 minutes.:shock: :shock: That was a nice way to start :) We went through the basic stuff and started on our journey. The GPS was not having the latest map and after a few roundabout turns in Melbourne I got my HTC One to guide us and we got out onto the Great Ocean Road route in a perfect manner. Smart phones are a brilliant asset these days.

Before we move ahead some history related to the Great Ocean Road courtesy Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - The official travel and accommodation site for Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Plans for an ocean road emerged in the 1880s but only gained real impetus towards the end of the First World War. The chairman of the Country Roads Board, Mr W Calder, contacted the State War Council with a proposal that funds be provided for repatriation and re-employment of returned soldiers on roads in sparsely populated areas. Calder submitted a plan he described as the 'South Coast Road' which suggested a road starting at Barwon Heads, following the coast around Cape Otway and ending near Warrnambool.

Making it a reality
It was Geelong mayor, Alderman Howard Hitchcock, who brought the plans to fruition. He formed the Great Ocean Road Trust and set about raising the money to finance the project. He saw it not only as a way of employing returned soldiers but of creating a lasting monument to those who had died in the war.

He also had a powerful view of its worth as a tourist attraction, proclaiming it better for its ocean, mountain, river and fern gully scenery than the Riviera in France, the San Francisco Road and Bulli Pass in New South Wales.

Manual enthusiasm
Survey work began in August 1918 and thousands of returned soldiers descended on the area to start work. It was back-breaking work with no heavy machinery to help – only picks, shovels and horse-drawn carts.

The first stage linking Lorne and Eastern View was completed in early 1922. Over the next decade, the trust continued its work on the Great Ocean Road linking Lorne with Cape Patton and Anglesea, while the Country Roads Board built the Cape Patton to Apollo Bay link.

And finally, a road
On 26 November 1932 the route was officially opened by the Lieutenant Governor, Sir William Irvine.

Our first destination was the Bells Beach. This is a place which is famous for wind surfing and this is where the renowned surfing equipment company Rip Curl was started.


The Great Ocean Road is also known not just for car drives but also cycling. We found a couple of guys who were cycling on this route.


Here we also met up with my cousin Omkar's friends who were also on a roadtrip. We headed to beach nearby. A roadside lookout provided some great views.


Down at the beach a cricket match had started :)


And some surfers were trying to ride the surf.


I went off to explore some views of the beach.




Once the cricket match was done we set off on the road. The entire road is brilliant. It just hugs the coastline and at every nook and corner you can get some brilliant views.





We were forced to stop at every corner of the road to marvel at the sights.




And this happened tiime and again.






And suddenly we found a crowd on the road. We parked in the parking area we found that there was a koala walking on the road. If you know a koala it is an animal which is hardly active for a few minutes in a day and here was this guy doing a 100m walk on the Great Ocean Road. This was truly a one of a kind experience.



And after we moved on we found what was a dream shot for me. A road going up the hill which overlooked the Great Ocean Road with the Ocean besides it.





After enjoying this view we decided to drive non stop to our motel in Port Campbell to check in and then return back for the sunset.

This was like we were riding into the sun.



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Fabulous clicks mate, keep them coming...
Thank you Rajesh

Nice roads, locations and excellent clicks to show the beauty...
Thank you Mohinder

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Thank you Satinder :)

Amazing captures Chetan... you are the man... :D
Thank you Ankur :)

hooked. Amazing pictures
Thank you :)


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Amazing photos.

Its one thing to have amazing vistas in front of you but it is your skill that has bowled me over.Simply amazing photos and all of them drool material.Thankyou for making my mundane monday morning great.