Guest Houses in Leh


Armchair Traveller :(
Here is a list of guest houses in Leh

Most of these guest houses has Single as well as double rooms.

General range of tarrif
For single Rs. 50/- to Rs. 300/-
For Double Rs. 150/- to Rs. 500/-

Padma Guest House & Hotel
Fort Road
01982 - 253072 / 252735 / 252414

Old Ladakh Guest House
Nr. Royal Palace,
01982 - 252951 / 09419178321

Alimjan Guest House
Fort Road
01982 - 250314

Ashoka Guest House
Main Tukcha Road,
01982 - 252725 / 252938

Asia Guest House
01982 - 253403 / 9419178689

Auspicious Hotel
01982 - 253687 / 252153

Barath Guest House
Nr. Hotel Mandala,
Fort Road,
01982 - 253029 / 9419370739

Chandan Guest House
01982 - 253169

Glacier View Guest House
Upper Tukcha Road,

Harmony Guest House
Bh. Hotel Mandala,
Fort Road,
01982-252705 / 251472

Jamspal Guest House
Nr. K-Sar Hotel,
Fort Road,
01982 - 251272

Kidar Guest House
Bh. Hotel Mandala,
Lower Tukcha, Fort Road,
01982 - 252046 / 09419179029

Lakrook Garden Guest House
01982 - 252987

Mahey Guest House
Main Tukcha Road,
01982 - 251262

Olden or Golden Guest House
Fort Road,
01982 - 252513 / 94191 77716

Semskit Guest House
Fort Road
01982 - 252890

Span Guest House
Nr. Hotel Noble House
Fort road,
01982 - 252540

Sum Role Guest House
Fort Road,
No Phones

Sun flower Guest House
Nr. Indian Airlines Office,
01982 - 252489

Thangkop Guest House
Bh. Hotel Mandala,
Fort road,
01982 - 253699 / 265490

Yarts Guest House
Main Tukcha Road,
01982 - 253102 / 9419242504

I request all those guys who have already visited to Leh to post details of their stay along with outlines of services offered.

Hope this shall help newer guys in their ladakh trip.


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AWESOME PLACE, It was...where I stayed...

Mr. Kayum Lasu
Lasu Guest House
Yurtung, Leh

Its my College friend's residence and now the family operates a Guest House on their First Floor... Peaceful, serene and Scenic environments... its located in Yourtung
Water - Power - Food - Market - no problem!
Its just a 2 min walk to Shanti Stupa Base and a beautiful stream runs nearby...
Market is just 8-10 min walk through Shortcuts made of narrow streets otherwise it takes 20 min via the Shanti Stupa Road...

Just Awesome!
Some interesting trivia about my friend's family...
His mom 'Aunty Julie' cooks authentic Ladakhi food... veg or non-veg!
His Grandpa, currently over 90, was a Trader in 1920s and has a vast experience of trekking the entire Tibetan Plateau from Kashmir to China.... He has done the entire parikrama of Pangong Tso thrice on FOOT!
His Uncle, Shafi Lasu, is the elected Counsellor of Yurtung seat...

It is run in partnership with their French Friend, who teaches Skiing in French Alps for 8 months and comes to Leh for 4 months :)

Yogesh Sarkar

Ankit is there any parking near that guest which would be good enough 10 motorcycles? Also does the rooms have attached bathroom/toilet?


@ yogesh .
My friend has his house jst out side leh nr the 1st petrol pump . If you guyz looking for some place to stay and can hav food outside then probably you guyz give it a try !


or if u guyz lookin 4 sum cheap hotel inside LEH with parking space for about 10 buses and all ..

Hotel Kang-la on old leh- road .. nice fella .. he was the one who gave da china - idea ..


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I stayed in

Tongspon Guest House,
Fort Road.
300 bucks.
Nice spacious rooms with attached toilet/bath. Running hot water, very peaceful, & above all secured parking.
Fellow was also nice as all ladhakis are.


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Singee Palace:1000 bucks

...okish room.....water leaked from my bathroom after I had a shower and wetting the carpet giving the room a bad odour.The guys gave me another room.But no value for 1000 bucks.These guys arrange for permits at a decent price

Khan Manzil Guest house:
Zangasti road
Rs.200-400(depends on your haggling skills...i managed a deal for 200 bucks:D)

Peaceful place devoid of crowds.Didnt get hot water.nice caretaker.No TV in room.Frequent electricity cuts in noon and no backup power.


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Hotel Snow View in Changspa.. Forgotten the tariff.. but it has plenty of parking for bikes. The owner, David and his wife are very nice people! :)


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Hey Prasham,

thanks for the info. Quite a comprehensive list. A principle question for the board: When staying in Leh for a year would it pay to buy small property instead of renting and then resell it after the year is out? This way you could even turn in a profit.

Just food for thought.