Gurgaon Dhabas & Budget Non-Veg Eating Joints


Any suggestions for good budget joints/dhabas in Gurgaon which serve awesome Fish Tikkas & other non-veg items? Dont want to go to fancy & upscale outlets/restaurants.


DBDN Mutton Curry

We can plan for a weekday lunch meet if you guys want :). Pick me up from Star Mall, sector 30

Directions: Coming from Delhi, take exit 10 and turn right towards old gurgaon. After about 1.5kms there is a red light. Take left. After 100m, there is a right cut. Take it.
After 10 metres, there is a small passage on the left going inside a market complex (landmark - a small temple and a paan khokha thats closed.). Take that. DBDN Meat shop is on your left.

Menu Card:: Half Mutton Curry (2 pieces) = Rs 170
Only Curry, no pieces = Rs 120
Fresh Tawa Roti = Rs 7
Bisleri Bottle = Rs 18
Onion, Lime, Paper Napkins, Newspaper for the car bonnet = Complimentary :)

Timings : Lunch 1-3 pm approx *
Dinner 6 - 10 pm approx *
* till stocks run out.

Ambience : The shop itself is extremely clean & hygienic. I am guessing the car bonnet will also be clean. Basically, if you are ok eating street food, you should have absolutely no problem eating here, its much better.

I myself must have eaten there about 50-60 times in the past year and a half (including today). And I have introduced about 20 people to this place and ALL of them loved it. Yet to meet someone who does not like it. It deserves every bit of appreciation I have posted.

See you there, hopefully :)

Edit: Tuesdays closed. Closed during Navratras too.


Thanks for sharing Eddy. Is there place to park the car as well? :)

And, has anyone been to Qureshi in DLF 1?


Yes, there is parking available.

Qureshi is yummmmy, but I think it serves only dinner.


Two recommendations from my side to eat best non veg foods in Gurgaon:

1: Karim's

Address: Sector 14, Opposite Payal Cinema, Gurgaon
Address: Ground Floor 4, Global Foyer, Sector 43, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon
Address: Ground Floor, N 14, Qutub Plaza, DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon

2. Qureshi’s Kabab Corner(It is a food corner not a restaurant, but quality & taste is too delicious :p !!)

Address: Shopping Mall, CB 70-71, Arjun Marg, DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon


Why? Karim is also a top place to eat best non veg recipes. But it depends on your choice.

And, BTW Qureshi doesn't offer dinner, it offers only non veg snacks(roasted only), rolls, varieties of kabab.