Gurgaon to Agra

Divyaksh Sehgal

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Hi Guys,
I’ll be travelling to Agra from my home in Gurgaon and plan to take the newly opened DME till Khalilpur and then the WPE till Palwal for entering the NH-2 (Old Delhi Agra Road)

From there on, had a few choices and wanted to check with the folks here for their views:

1) Should I continue onto Nh-2 or does it make sense to take the left post entering NH-2 (Bamani Khera) for taking the Tappal entry of the YEW? Is it advisable considering road quality or is too much of a hassle?

2) Incase I continue through on Nh-2, Google Maps is showing me a route through Vrindavan to enter the YEW? Any idea of the condition of this road or should I continue on the NH-2 through Mathura Byepass all the way to Agra

3) On the way back, since I’ll be coming in during evening peak hour time, wanted to take the YEW but plan to get off to take WPE-DME route home to Gurgaon, any advise on which exit to take? Have heard horror stories about Palwal exit on YEW to WPE route

4) Lastly, any idea if there is any way to use the EPE to get on to the YEW, I see Pelak Interchange reference on Google Maps ( From
Aligarh Palwal route to YEW) but don’t see an entry point there so wanted to be sure before taking that route

Thanks in advance


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Well I have travelled to mathura and did usual > Sohna road > Peripheral eyay > exit at Palwal > take NH19 (Old NH2) the traditional road to Mathura >
It was nice. Bit traffic but not bad. Toll road all the way.

this is the fastest and shortest. Why take Yamuna eway.