Gyani Dhaba-NH-22-Dharampur


Himalayan Wanderer
Having been to Giani Dhaba many times over the years, I have actually seen their service quality deteriorating badly. Many years back, they used to treat customers very well, and all were welcomed to a clean environment and clean tables. Now, its over crowded, over priced, loos stink, food quality has gone down and worst still, they don't give a damn about you being there. Last month I stopped there with my family to be ushered to a dirty table which remained dirty for 15 mins as there is only 1 guy who would clean the table and he was busy. Finally after I decided to move out after waiting in vain for 15 mins, I got dirty looks. I then proceeded to Hot Millions which was fine in food quality and seating. I will not return to Giani again.
Nowadays, Giani Da Dhaba has become even worst than a "gutter".