Gyani Dhaba-NH-22-Dharampur


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you may try the modern dhaba little ahead of Giani dhaba,
lemon chicken is just fantastics and the rates are justified


we too avoided giani dhaba (mostly it's overcrowded and don't like to stand and wait for our turn) and went to colonel's kebabs. Food was decent and easy on the stomach.

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I warn everybody passing Gyani da Dhaba to stay away........................

we call it "THE JAUNDICE DHABA"....................


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Any eating outlet in India can spread jaundice (Hepatitis A or E). And there are plenty of typhoid "marys and marios" as well. But Giani is definitely nothing to add to pleasure of journey. I prefer for several years now the McDonald's at Jabli. Clean and relaxed ample space in restaurant and plenty of parking. And very important while traveling with ladies - clean toilets.


a bit farther away then gyani, there is modern dhaba.
Much much better food.

Also, I wonder if you have noticed, I'm forgetting the name, there is a dhaba next to CCD in jabali.
A bit open, serve daal ,chawal, kadhi and some other things.
And the food, well, each one of you will forget the gyanis and the moderns.
Not upmarket though, loads of truckwalas stop there for food