Hanle Observatory Guest House


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During my recent Winter Trip to Ladakh, I stayed at the Hanle Observatory Guest House, which is located just ahead of Hanle Village and in the foothills of the Hanle Astrophysics Observatory.

At the Hanle Guest House, during winter there were two functioning rooms with attached western style toilets and gas powered heaters, while the rooms we got upstairs, only had electric heaters (electricity is only available between 8AM to 10:30PM) and only an Indian style common toilet was working. Guess things would be a lot better during summers.

We paid Rs. 400 per person for accommodation, which included evening tea, soup, dinner, morning tea and breakfast. Which isn’t a bad deal, considering the fact that Hanle only has couple of home stays to offer, apart from this guest house.

Update: Hanle Observatory Guest House can no longer be booked by civilians. However you can stay here http://www.bcmtouring.com/forum/hotels-guest-houses-jammu-kashmir-ladakh-f48/sonam-s-guest-house-hanle-t52707/.
Hi Yogesh, I have lived in Hanley for almost two years.I want to visit Hanley.A favour please.I want the contact details of Pema at Hanley small monastery. Thanks & Regards. Col ( Retd ) NS Rathore.