Hanle Observatory Guest House


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Can you send me the email and the contact person to book the hanle observatory Guest House.
Do I need to have any contact in Indian institute of astrophysics or can I (as a civilian) get a room if thats available ?

Thanks in advance.


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Sent you a pm
Hi Yogesh, just came across your travelogue and read it all in one go, Fantastic!!

Me alongwith my wife are planning to do a leh trip this year, perhaps in September. Can you please PM me the details to arrange stay at the Hanle Observatory.



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Rooms at the Hanle Observatory Guest House can be booked by sending an email to their Bangalore Office (for email id, please post in this thread and I will reply through pm).
Nice review YS :)

Why can't you post the details here instead of sending so many PMs ?

Yogesh Sarkar

It’s an official email address of a professor, posting it online might lead to more spam in his inbox and delayed response to officials and travelers alike.


Hello Yogesh,

planning started for July12, mostly to include Hanle as well. Requesting to share the details for Observatory GH and also I believe some other family stay option available.