Hanle Observatory Guest House


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Hi Yogesh Can you suggest another place where one can stay comfortably at Hanle since Hanle observatory Guest House booking is not possible by civilians. Thanks.

During my recent Winter Trip to Ladakh, I stayed at the Hanle Observatory Guest House, which is located just ahead of Hanle Village and in the foothills of the Hanle Astrophysics Observatory.

At the Hanle Guest House, during winter there were two functioning rooms with attached western style toilets and gas powered heaters, while the rooms we got upstairs, only had electric heaters (electricity is only available between 8AM to 10:30PM) and only an Indian style common toilet was working. Guess things would be a lot better during summers.

We paid Rs. 400 per person for accommodation, which included evening tea, soup, dinner, morning tea and breakfast. Which isn’t a bad deal, considering the fact that Hanle only has couple of home stays to offer, apart from this guest house.

Update: Hanle Observatory Guest House can no longer be booked by civilians.

Yogesh Sarkar

Soumitrod, there are home stays available at Hanle, as mentioned by Harsh.

Since Hanle observatory guest house is not possible to book anymore, stay at home stay available there.

There are two home stays that I got to know of. The first one is owned by the family which owns the only STD booth in town. The second one is owned by Sonam Dorje. The former has a functional bathroom which is clean but the room is not that clean. The latter is cleaner but an operational bathroom will only happen by September.

Both charge by the bed at 200 per bed for the night. I will share some pictures and phone number of the former once i'm back in Delhi. they serve home cooked food as well.


Please can you give me the link to the post describing visit to Hanle, particularly how the place is at evening/night. I'm keen to spend a night there but first want to know more about the place other than the observatory.


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Hi Yogesh

Could I please have the details on how to book the Astro Physics in hanle - Many thanks

Yogesh Sarkar

Devasar, as mentioned in the first post, Hanle Guest House is no longer taking bookings from travelers.

There are couple of home stays there, where you can stay.


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You don't need any contacts, sending you a pm with details.
Hallo yogesh
Can u pls send me the mail id or any contact no. Of Hanle observatory Guest house..I will visit at hanle at mid augst with 6 person.so kindly sent me the mail so that i will book the observatory at advance..thanking you in advance...bye.waiting for your reply..
Debraj Ghatak


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As mentioned in the first post, they are no longer taking bookings, you can stay here, http://www.bcmtouring.com/forum/hotels-guest-houses-jammu-kashmir-ladakh-f48/sonam-s-guest-house-hanle-t52707/
Thanks yogesh..
But how can I contact or book the hotel from Kolkata..actually its very necessary to book the hotel in advance..because there r 3 female in our group.its a family trip actually...so pls send me any cntct no or mail or any policy to book the hotel in advance..thanks and regards..
Debraj Ghatak