Happy Independence Day and Janamashtami at Parashar, HP

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It was a while since I touched hills and after some ups and downs in personal life, a much awaited journey was a must. This time we chose to hit Parvati valley area including Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara, kasol, Tosh and finally Parashar.

Hills have their own charm in monsoons and rightly we were greeted by beautiful greenery and magnificent landscapes.

We started from Delhi on 10th Aug and returned back safely on 15th Night.

Planning : It all started in the month of July when discussion started to plan something during long weekend - 10th-15 th Aug. We easily had 4-5 days and wanted to head towards some off beat location.
After few discussions within the gang, Kasol, Tosh and Parashar was finalised.
We had no issues wrt to accommodation in any location apart from Parashar.
Luckily I had saved Room Singh's number - thanks to one of my colleague in my office who had visitied Parashar previous year almost during same time. Called him up and got two nice rooms at FRH.

Mode of transport : My Kiang- ecosport and Piyush's Scorpio.

Gang : In my Kiang - wife (Navjot / @nkaur07 ), daughter (Pritika / Pihu) and Guru.
In Piyush's scorpio - Sam, Ravi, Niharika and Tushar.

Things that we carried :
  • Clothes ,light woollens just to be cautious
  • Chips, chocolates
  • Nikon 5200, Canon 1300D, power banks, Bluetooth speakers, extension cords, Torch
  • Umbrellas and a raincoat for the little princess
  • Puncture kit and an air pump

We started late so it was precisely 11th morning - 1 am from Dwarka and met Piyush's gang at DC and headed towards ring road and soon took a halt at Gulshan Dhaba for some snacks and tea.
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Suneesh Sharma

Love my Iron Beast
Introduction : Before I start off with detailed log , I would like to give brief introduction of each of us with their pic :

Gurdeep Singh Drall / Guru. By profession a Network Engineer


Its me : Suneesh


My better half and my daughter (Home Ministry)

Navi n pihu.JPG

Piyush!!! .He also accompanied us on our Leh trip.
Piyush and my wife work for same organization.


Ravi Shankar Sharma - Most energetic and fun loving person of our group

Tushar - By profession , he's an advocate. Niharika- Shes an HR
Tushar n Niharika.JPG

Suneesh Sharma

Love my Iron Beast
Day 1 - 11th August - 1:15 a.m. Delhi to Kasol

Me , Navjot and Gurdeep had reached home after winding up office work and had dinner around 10 pm . Packing was almost done by 11 and were waiting for Piyush's call so that we could start our journey.
Unfortunately Ravi had some important stuff at office and had to complete it before he could start.
So we took a quick nap or rather I just closed my eyes and took rest for sometime and waited for Piyush and his gang. It was first time that we were to meet Piyush's friends and hence all of us were too excited to make new friends and start off with this lovely journey.
Around 12 am Piyush called and informed that he is about to leave his office in Gurgaon and shall be reaching District Centre around 1 am. We were in continuous touch with Piush's team and started from our home around 1:15 and met them at DC around 1:45 am. Roads were almost clear and traffic was pretty scarce and hence we made a quick progress and reached Murthal in no time.
Our tummy was almost full as we had a good dinner. Piyush and his gang had hit the highway straight from their office and accordingly they had delightful pranthas at Gulshan. \\:D/:popcorn:
Well who can stop when you see those lovely made paranthas in front of you. Hence, we three too ordered few despite of dinner that we had few hours before. :drinkers::partyman::rock: Did some gossips and next plan was to take a halt in sun somewhere around Kiratpur.

At Gulshan, Murthal

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Love my Iron Beast
Day 1 Contd.

After taking a small break at Murthal, we planned to cover maximum distance in dark and planned to stop somewhere near Kiratput. Highway as usual was at its best helping us to maintain a good pace and we were able to cross Panipat and Karnal in no time. We had planned to take right cut from Ambala towards Kiratpur which somehow we missed and were forced to enter Chandigarh.
Luckily we didn't encounter much of traffic and crossed the beautiful city around sun rise.
After crossing Chandigarh , as soon as we were about to head towards Bilaspur-Sundarnagar stretch, saw first view of hills and to add were greeted by beautiful black clouds. In one way they added beauty to this location but also became a worrying factor as all of us were thinking that how weather would be at Mandi and not to forget various news about landslides and warnings not to use Mandi route.
Well we dint have any other option and we acted as true travellers and not a tourist :supz::supz:.
Took a small break and clicked few photographs on Bilaspur-Sundarnagar stretch :

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