Happy World Restaurant, Zangsti Road, Leh

Yogesh Sarkar

Happy World Restaurant at Zangsti Road was my dinner joint for majority of my nights in Leh, due to its proximity to my hotel and the fact that it was one of the few places still open in Leh (it closed day before we left Leh.)


Another major advantage of Happy World Restaurant was free Wi-Fi, which used to work a lot faster than Rs. 100/day Wi-Fi at Indus Guest House. So that sort of made up for slow service (and it is quite slow).

Another thing which made up well for slow service was food, which at least in case of Indian dishes like Dal Makhani and Palak Paneer was quite good. Lemon tea was great as well, though pasta and pizza were nothing to write home about.


Overall a nice place to eat, as long as you don’t mind waiting for half an hour or more for your food.

Yogesh Sarkar

Not too expensive. Palak - Paneer was around Rs. 140 or so, if I remember it correctly. We usually paid around 200-300 bucks for one main dish, 5-6 rotis and coffee/lemon tea.

Yogesh Sarkar

Yes, especially due to Wi-Fi and its location. Though in season I suspect slightly better options will be available.

subhankar paul

And miles to go before I sleep
The free WiFi, coupled with slow service & less crowd - what more can one expect!
The food is delicious & price reasonable are also other attributes. So a must visit place!