Has anyone sold anything on Amazon?


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It depends on item and customers too.
Amazon / Flipkart behave like Kings only.

Some have bad experiences due to replacement fraud done by customers in general consumer goods of Rs. + also.
Only some bigger level wholesalers with unique items get good response overall. They have good margins to sustain.
You can't sell at minimum and limited margins online like offline stores.
It depends on staff also how to handle customers with supporting vibes and avoid anything controversial in nature etc. These are tacts to learn only then you can earn.

I worked for amazon.in as a Product Launcher / AMC etc independently without any affiliation with such platforms.
But in general small / common man / businesses felt loss and lack in fulfilling Amazon's criteria too at that time some 6-7 years ago.
Brands don't allow anyone to sell on such big platforms like Amazon or Flipkart etc.
Own brands were not welcomed at all in consumer goods at all.
Don't know how Make in India product is not welcomed at such big platforms.
Papers / Documents / Criteria was done / fulfilled in all aspects and a manufacturer was denied to showcase his products at some regular costs.
He is not interested now and selling / marketing on own website and doing social media campaigns etc.
This may be costly, time consuming and late grower but much better than big platforms and what he is building is better rapport with customers and is long lasting too.
Now he is not interested anymore for such platforms.
I am still supporting his online business.
You can see such sellers videos on youtube or fb etc about bad experiences.
Sometimes consumers behave weirdly and Amazon/ Flipkart cuts your payment.
Any delay in supply chain can also go against seller only.
Amazon/ Flipkart will cut money / Black List supplier only.

Better develop own platform via various social media or other seller websites or own websites and grow slowly.
It will help you stand in long run with enough money to sustain longer.

Rest is your decision.
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Thanks. I have heard similar stories. Also even if someone manages to get the product up there, it doesn’t show up in search results. Crazy.


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If someone is just starting, WhatsApp business now has a catalogue option too. Products can be uploaded there. Shopify is a good option for starting. You can also use Shopify to integrate the store to a FB page. It's quite good.

However, the eCommerce business in India is going to get some tighter regulations because of the sellers who don't ship product on time or deny returns. With Amazon, a customer thinks they are safe since Amazon is something everyone knows. I once brought an engraved pen from an online store, and it was not delivered. The company blamed it on courier service, and the courier service blamed it on the printing company. I was able to get it sorted out by lodging complaints on various portals.

"Every e-commerce entity shall establish an adequate grievance redressal mechanism having regard to the number of grievances ordinarily received by such entity from India, and shall appoint a grievance officer for consumer grievance redressal, and shall display the name, contact details, and designation of such officer on its platform," the notification stated."

Consumer protection norms for e-commerce companies notified

Even if bulk shipping rates are negotiated with a logistics provider, you will have to spend money on digital marketing of your website. However, its an investment that will bear fruits in the longer run. I do have some experience in this arena, and it takes around a year or a year and a half to get the products indexed in google search, for results on the first page.

Unless, you are looking to sell a niche product, like, " red collar for labrador dog", it takes time and patience to sell on own platform. However, people have done it, and they have done well.

There are companies like Doggie Dabbas | Meow Chow | Dog Food & Treats | Cat Treats

Who sell on amazon as well as on a standalone website.


Amazon does give you exposure.

Key is to keep trying both the avenues and then obtain a mix which works for you.

Don't want to invest in an eCommerce platform, use Create & Manage Your Online Store for Free | CCAvenue Storefront

Have a look at the demo; you don't have to worry about integrating a payment gateway in your website.

Whatever you are thinking to do, start it.

Because the only regret that you will have when you start making decent sales, is, " why didn't I started sooner?"

I have been on that road, and sooner you start, it's better for you.

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Thanks. I have heard similar stories. Also even if someone manages to get the product up there, it doesn’t show up in search results. Crazy.
Even if you list your product prominently at such Big Name Websites, they will show your competitors as alternatives at same page.
Customer may go there instantly if price is less.
It is difficult to communicate like real world to handle a customer at time of decision of buying.
You have to device new ideas to take care of it.
Such things are handled by very sharp minds only which are few.
I am in favour of only own platform and some lesser known websites like @foadbear suggested without fear of adding secure Payment pages. This type of websites are professional and try to keep you secure from unwanted Hackers etc.
Cost is less and you can wait and watch without compromising on focus of business promotion.

Don't worry about delivery option as Metro cities have enough Logistics Companies which are trying to work for traders in e-commerce segment at reasonable packages.
Even Same city has delivery apps which deliver product on demand same day in Metro Cities at reasonable costs.


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Competition isn’t so much of. A problem, visibility is. I have a tiny tiny tiny business of hand made stuff I get made from various artisans. It started as a love affair for great things. Check my Instagram at @studiolovein

Am present on Amazon and some other online stores. But visibility is a huge issue. After putting money into making products, photographing them etc, there isn’t much left for online marketing. Even if I do that, add it to the sale price and consumers won’t pay so much. It’s a tough one.


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Wow, looked at your products. Seems they are quite premium products.

My best wishes for your little venture and I hope it grows to a big venture in coming years.


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You need social media marketing for such range of products.
Such niche needs to be promoted on these platforms with some conventional marketing support.
You are at good platforms.
Just promote it at right places.
You need some professional support, if possible.

If not taking any professional support now do it yourself.
Concept marketing is what you need to do.
Promote it by making pics / banners / videos etc.
This is the only way to move ahead.
You will get ideas as feedback comes with it time to time.

This is the universal problem.
All want best promotion on social media.
But some start it and stop it later as concepts are not appealing or results are low.
You have to keep it going regularly as much as possible.

Offline promotions occassionally also needs to pump in like exhibition etc.


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Doing all of the above. The thing is social media has tweaked algorithms to limit reach. It’s not what it used to be even 5-3 years ago. When social media first came out they all gave immense reach to everyone. Now they are just intent on making money and severely limit your reach.

Today the best way to reach audiences on social media is if really people share your post. You can convince your friends to share one or two posts but embarrassing to ask to share every post.

I have experimented with paid reach. It is useleooss and probably only reaches bots.
Marketing is tedious (I have spent a lifetime in advertising) and requires plenty of budgets.