Has anyone sold anything on Amazon?


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Marketing is tedious (I have spent a lifetime in advertising) and requires plenty of budgets.
Only Pro can help in such situation.
But with limited resources and segment you are on have to reach niche only can be done by self initially.

Make and develop concepts.
As you were in advertising sector
You know what works offline.

Online game is different but basics are same.
You have to device New Ways to move deep into the rush and target right people.
I am still in advertising business for print and worked earlier for TV Media also.
A small business has to grow gradually only.
Regular Experiments in business is the key to success.
Earlier most of people were taking risks as income was there.
In recession advertising results are less but brand image building is possible now only.

Social Media sharing is possible with new concepts to work upon.
You have to do it now as others have no such vision.
May be yourself without funds.

Majdoori karni padegi abhi to !
I have a friend who has been selling on Amazon for about a year, for him it’s a real side hustle, they buy stuff from Argos when it’s on sale and sell it higher on Amazon. When I got speaking to him I was amazed, he was buying candles from Aldi and selling at a profit. I help him to get his business go internationally with help of https://thewordpoint.com/services/translation-service/businеss and get all documents arranged. Btw, lockdown was actually a gift for him, he quickly went out buying lego, playmobile, and jigsaws, sold the lot and made a killing. He was busy as hell but he said today it all just stopped dead about 10 days ago.
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I havent really tried selling something on Amazon but based on the experience of my friend. She said that nothing went wrong. All you need to do is to post the item and have it delivered. However, there are also a lot of bad reviews about it selling portion. Well, maybe this is because of the strict compliance that need to be followed especially now that we have an invisible enemy lurking around. Better safe than sorry. Well, there is nothing wrong with trying it out. I think you just need to set up your selling account and you are good to go.