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hi friends,

what started off as puberty driven " passionate" craziness on cycles, progressed to a crazier "desires" on motorbikes, and now with age and experience has come to " speed it, but safe and secure" passion for the cars

well , here i am , The Rider of Oulgaret

the world calls me Abhinav K. Sharma,Doctor by profession, Speedophile by passion, Delhiite by location, creative by narration , vocalist by oration , ever hungry for Information!

have owned the most desirable(once upon a time , if i can say it, as i own it) durable,lovable, maneuvrable,parkable, amiable and trusted - MARUTI 800, been with me since 18 long city hardened years, boosted by occasional inter state tours

have the fortune of having truly great riders in my family, in terms of passion and enthusiasm , and thanks to theminside great wheels like contessa , mercs,etc, on the wheel and off it, although my puppy crush has always been motorbikes, i have always been promiscous with 4 wheeled beauties :grin:,

as far as the motor bikes , i have to thank my cousins during school life and hostel friends during college, perhaps the most "crazy " driving phase of my life, wheelies or not:shock:



as i said i am a speedophile by passion here they are for various cars i have been in

starting off with my lovely babe

MARUTI 800- 110 KM/H

HONDA CITY S MT 2011- 170 KM/H


SANTRO :eek: - 145 KM/H

and bikes

RX135 - 100 km/h , as a schookid , and that illegal guilt was hovering as the needle went up

honda unicorn- 110 kmh - in college, and still not licensed

karizma - 123 km/h - though i have heard of people going much more than this ,


delhi punjab highway - most of my inter state affair have been on this one:D

mumbai pune highway- where is my gallardo , call the veyron, here comes the speed deemon :grin: , most of my college memories are associated with this, loved;) and terrified:shock: both

palm beach road ,vashi - belapur new bombay - perhaps the best road for speeding, perhaps more than the above one, but equally dangerous, if not more,

embassy road ,chanakyapuri, new delhi - am yet to find a more beautiful landscape for a big city road, excludin countryisde

visually stunning and soul calming



kumarakom - alleppey

gangtok- nathula, gangtok - darjeeling



have been a city lad all through out, and most of "tours " have been at the most jaunts , or short trips , around delhi , less than 500 km around

i try and make atleast one trip annually, some call it as a getaway, some call it vacation, for me its like a connect , away from the hustle and cauldron of a life in the city

barring rajasthan , gujarat, eastern up , bihar and orissa , i have travelled across our land ,

i have been reading car mags since the trump card playing days, recently came online for researching my next car buy, in the process came across a host of sites, like t bhp , autocar, carwale and finally here, loved the passion of posts and "welcome you all " , hope to contribute and learn about the joys of driving , touring!!!!!!!!!
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