I'm Praveen Shirali, .. working in Pune .. I won't post a big intro .. I just glanced through the memberlist and I think I know 90% of the community now ... :D

Glad to have found this site .. and glad to be amongst you guys ...



Full Use Else Lose
Welcome to the herd Mr Praveen :lol:

buddy mention ur location too...it helps in knowing abt u.

well, u came to delhi and i cudn't meet u...feeling sad... dint had ur number.
i had number of santosh (nfsnfs) only...talked to him and it felt really nice!

next time come to delhi only after telling me ur number!

Yogesh Sarkar

Praveen welcome to BCM Touring, it was wonderful to meet you enroute to Shimla on your recent trip to Spiti. The Bangalore g2g we had after the crusty event was a memorable one I am really grateful to you and the rest of the Bangalore gang for showing me around :).

So how are you finding Pune, done any long trips there?
Aha! The indian biking community is pretty closely knit. [:D]

Hydro: Man you've been knocking yourself out crazy these days. Cool!


Ok, .. to clear some confusion, let me post some more info ..

I'm originally from Bangalore, but I now work in Pune (I've been in Pune since Feb'06). Yah, did quite a few adventurous trips the moment I landed here .. but didn't publish most of it anywhere, .. but I think I'll dig out all those pics and write about it, now that I've found a nice place to share it amonst some true tourers... :)

My mob number is 09881091868 (Pune), and I'll update you guys if I end up visiting any of your cities (esp Delhi) now that I missed meeting Salil by like half a minute :(

Yogesh, .. nice to have met you and Shamik on the way .. great goin!, .. and nice pics and writeup too (of Chail)