help me choose a monitor for my desktop pc


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sure! will give them a call and see if they have some nice deals. Well, the reason why i didn't consider dell monitor was because of looks. They look really plain and on the other hand Samsung monitor has good looks. I have a few Blu ray movies saved in my HDD. would be interesting to watch them in a full HD monitor..

Are you sure, I think i got 3 years warranty ( I am not sure). Damn I paid in access of 25K for that 22" and now its just for 7.5K :(
yes, they come with 1 year warranty now.
i paid 8k for a 15" just 2 and half years back and now 16 " is priced at for 4.5k.
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Full HD are awesome, I enjoy a lot, Jodha Akbar in full HD looks awesome. The colors, Aishwaraya and rest of her jewelery speak a lot.

How do you source blu-ray movies?


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moto143 if the model is g2420 go for it . dont take the v2400 model. g2420 i guess sells at 11.5k. another good model is asus ms238h .its sweat looking model but it has a ring stand and so the monitor cant be totally at 90 degree vertical .
i recently got the samsung px2300 led model .it is beautiful and with good specs as i wanted to hook my ps3 to it .otherwise i would have gone for dell u2311 and also dell after sale service is well known.


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Hehe, Koshy sir!! :p
It is a regular LCD monitor but uses In Plane Switching technology, as do most of the Apple monitors.
The main advantage is that very wide viewing angles are possible in both the horizontal and vertical planes. Around 178° viewing angle.
Thank you Anupji. The things one learns at BCMT!
@ Yogesh - Thanks. That Wiki article was great help. One day, I hope to grow up and be like you tech savvy guys! Sigh!

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Here we are discussing, which is the best computer monitor/LCD (size, brand etc) for watch TV through TV Tuner Card etc.

And please suggest me which is best TV (LCD/LED etc) for watching movies if we play by desktop or laptop or use this TV as computer monitor.



Dell U2311h suggested by Rupinder is a good idea if the monitor is going to be used as a TV, because generally IPS panels have better viewing angles than TN panels i.e. colors do not change much if you are viewing from side.