Help me decide on an Electric bicycle or Kit


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My father has decided to switch over to an Electric cycle. I am finalizing a model or a Kit. Our primary requirement is

1. Reliability
2. Affordability.

He is not a cyclist. He doesn't have any big/medium expectations of a cycling enthusiast. He simply looking for an EV alternative to cut down fuel expenses. The budget is as minimum as possible (12k-22k), but NECESSARY to spend on components that give more reliability. Not ready to go with cheaper components that would break soon.

I have shortlisted Hero Lectros or suggest me some Kit options.

open for second hand ebicycles also.
Better go with second hand old Hero Electric scooter. They are reliable than other things. Cost May be more of batteries to replace but comfort is there. Seats are also good. Check if he is comfortable to ride a cycle in this age ?
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