Help needed: Karizma R wiring diagram

Sir ji,
Wiring Diagram may not be available easily.
but You can get Idea what wire comes from where.
How wirings are made ?
If You have electrical mind
then You can check this as a guide
and get reference how wirings are made and what can be at the CONNECTORS:.

Lot of wiring diagrams:
Index of /MC/WiringDiagrams

I have faced similar problems with my HERO HONDA CD DAWN.
My Service Centre Guys took their time
to diagnose the problem and charged nothing.
I am regular with them.
Mostly such faults are because of
Loose Sockets
Old and Dusty Moistured Connectors with short to earth somewhere.
If Charger circuit is not culprit then
May be the Coil is the culprit.
You have to try all the alternatives in this way only.
keep bike with them or move to some special & experienced mechanic in market.

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HERO HONDA Bikes Specialist in ROHINI Area - Best Mechanical Set-Up is :-
ADITYA AUTOMOBILES- at Mangolpuri Furniture Market, Street behind ATM.

Phone No. 011-27913343, 011-32555870.

I am FAN of the Environment in which Work is done.
They take full care of your bike and use all Genuine Hero Honda Spares with Personal Care any Bike - Enthusiast will Like.
Now they started BAJAJ Bikes Service also.
Because of all the hardships I faced
these above experts are always at service with smile to serve.

If they are with me,
then I have to go to them only.

No local market technicians or No Company owned service centre can match them.

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I checked the owners manual but it does not have wiring diagram.
See if this is of any help-
Yes, the owner's manual is very generic and is more towards maintenance and basic idea of the bike. In older bikes (Yezdi,) they used to give one full page of the wiring and now no one seems to provide that.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Presently i am running my bike removing 15amp (HUD,Horn,Light) and one 7amp(clock) fuse preventing discharge of the battery while running and idle state.
I will give to showroom tomorrow and lets see, what miracles these people do. Never expected such electrical Failure in bike.
Try your luck and let me know what was the solution they found for the problem. Even after fixing you need to test it for a month to actually make sure that all is well and battery is not losing charge after running on headlights on for pretty long time.
Will wait to hear from you.

You can check this as a guide

Lot of wiring diagrams:
Index of /MC/WiringDiagrams

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Thank you so much Satinder ji for the links (and PM) they are definitely of help.

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^^^ Hope it help..
This is unbelievable. This is exactly what I was looking for. Sooooo many thanks for sharing this.
Where did you get it-just curious?


i too am facing the same problem in karizma r, 2014 jan model, svc tells alternator, rectifier, battery all needs to be changed


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i too am facing the same problem in karizma r, 2014 jan model, svc tells alternator, rectifier, battery all needs to be changed
I had sold that bike with the problem conveyed to buyer.
The only part that remained to be changed at my end was the alternator. Apparently, the buyer had to change the alternator and then it was working fine.
It told me it costed him about 10k, not sure though.