Help needed regarding hotels/Lodges near Kolhapur or Satara.


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Hi All,

I am planning for a Goa trip in this november.
I am looking for some good reasonable lodges/hotel for a night stay.
As I would like to hault it and leave for Goa next morning.

Any good idea where should I stop/stay while I am on road trip to Goa ??

Thanks in advance!!

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I once stayed in this hotel Hotel Tourist, Kolhapur and it is a budget hotel with restaurant. I wanted to stay at Hotel Pearl (Hotel Pearl Kolhapur | Online Room Booking), which is expensive and classy with nice restaurant. Unfortunately, it was new year time and all hotels were booked.

I would recommend staying at Kolhapur than Satara. If I recall correctly, Satara hotels might be slightly off the road. Kolhapur will provide you more choices for both hotels and restaurants than Satara.
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Kolhapur - I stayed in Hotel International.
Good hotel, room service, staff and for food I advice Hotel Padma

Yes Kolhapur has better hotel options. There are series of Hotel on that main road which connects Kolhapur to NH4.


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From where are you starting ?? If you start from Mumbai/Pune stay at Kolhapur itself. Kolhapur city has really nice hotels on Station road / NH 204 - the concrete 4 lane road that starts from NH4 exit towards Kolhapur central bus stand and Kolhapur Railway station.

If you are planning to head towards Gaganbawda ghat-Kanakavli-NH17 route to Goa , its the same Station road that goes towards those places. Alternatively if you are planning Sankeshwar-Amboli / Belgaum-Chorla to Goa you need to come back to NH4.

one of the best Veg and Non Veg hotel for really tasty food is Hotel OPAL, opp. MAI Hyundai Showroom,Kolhapur. This is close to the Station road/NH 204

TANDOOR- A full AC restaurant in the same line of OPAL is also the top rated Chicken restaurant in Kolhapur albeit expensive. I travelled all the way from Belgaum to Kolhapur-110 kms just to have Chicken at 'Tandoor' but there was long long waiting

As Sandeep suggested, Hotel Padma is also very good for food and amongst the top rated. I have had dinner there once