Help needed to plan Goa trip for month October 2017 for 6 days

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everything is good here.. All places are worth a visit subject to your comfort & convenience.
After reaching here, take rest and start visiting places from where u will yourself..
Your car documents should be complete in all aspect including pollution.

Highways r better and u can choose from thane to Goa via Nipani - Amboli through Chorla Ghats.

Wish you a happy journey and have a great leisure time!!

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What all documents required?
I keep DL, RC, Insurance, PUC along with me
what else is required in goa?


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thank you so much for details
I'll re-plan my trip based on your inputs..
I heard that Divar and Chorao Island are good to visit. isn't it?
I'll skip doodhsagar waterfalls, Tour jeep won't suit, as I got 1 Year old baby with me.
feeding and other thing will create problem
if u have a 1 year baby, then skip doodhsagar waterfall, as ride will be a bumpy one.. instead of that u can visit netravali warterfall or aravalem waterfallwith pandav caves..

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Don't Stop, You are just a step away.
there is a little change in my trip plan.
our trip is starting on 18 Oct 17, Earlier It was on 22/Oct/17
Vehicle is changed to Innova from Honda City as my brother (with family) is also joining our trip.
we will start our trip by 18/Oct 7:00 PM
our plan is to reach Vapi at 4 Am:
Take rest for 3-4 hours
reach goa before sun set on 19/Oct/2017..

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Goa is about just chilling on a sunbed on a beach, having food and drinks from the shacks while you get a foot massage done. It's about taking long walks on beach in the morning before crowd hits the beach. Don't miss out on that.

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can I bring Red wine along with me while returning?
is it possible?
I was told that I can not bring Goan wine out of Goa.
I have to consume them inside goa precises..

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Trip Completed successfully.
Thank you so much to every one for valuable inputs and help.
Will Upload TLog Very Soon...