Help regarding Planning for Rann of Kutch in 1st week of Dec


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Hi BCTians,

I am planning for a solo bike ride from Mumbai to Rann covering LRK & GRK (on full moon day) during 1st week of Dec.
But while going through many of superb & detailed previous travelogues by BCMTians , I have got a doubt that Kutch may be marshy at this time given the flood situation this year. And this might impact the overall experience of visiting the Rann.

@Yogesh Sarkar sir if possible can you Kindly introduce me to someone who can give me the account of the current situation of LRK & GRK. I already had a word from @Sachin Jatkar that GRK might remain marshy.


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Neither GRK nor LRK will be marshy by the time you are there. Not sure about the state of "Whiteness" of the White Desert at dhordo.


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Do spend some time at Madhavpur Beach, on Somath - Dwarka stretch, about 50kms before Porbandar. Absolute beauty.