Hero Honda is all set to launch Hunk


Watch Dog
There were titters across the biking fraternity when Bajaj first came out with the "definitely male" campaign.. expecially across bulleteer groups who had a ball with nasties of the "Only Gays and G**jus ride Pulsars" variety!!


"Going by the cliché 'Definately Male', Gulsar has stirred up a storm in the Indian biking scene. With 8 out of 10 bikes sold being Gulsars, the biker tribe sure knows where to put its money.

Speaking to this reporter, SUNNY DARLING, 22, a Gulsar 180 owner said "I simply love my Gulsar 180. It is the best form of expression for me. You know so many guys check me out when I'm riding my Gulsar!"


Now with the HUNK, Honda has proved that they are competing with Bajaj in the idiotic ad campaign dept as well.


Old school
Therefore, the Hunk might be Hero Honda’s trump card to lure away customers from its rivals by offering a bigger capacity bike at the price of a 125 cc.
price of a 125?er...is it going to be cheaper than achiever and cbz-xtreme?:rolleyes: