Himachal in winters - Narkanda, Thanadhar and may be Chindi

Suneesh Sharma

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Here is a short video which I somehow managed to make with my mobile..

Two challenges I faced while making video:

1. Low temperature somewhere around 1 or 0 degrees.
2. No selfi stick to hold mobile .

So video is little shaky, apologies for that.

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Come bro..withing 8 to 9 hours of drive u will get the show...cheers

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For sure ... I'll visit ... let everything normalizes after Covid-19. I don't want to try my luck in the current situation.
Your video reminds me of the time when I saw the same amount of snow in Fagu. Thanks for sharing!


On 27th, we came back to Shimla mall road , had dinner and as soon as we finished our dinner snow flakes started pouring down.

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